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FINTRX Customer Spotlight Series


Welcome to our FINTRX Customer Spotlight Series, where we explore real-world examples of how FINTRX, the leading family office and registered investment advisor data platform, empowers financial professionals with a more effective way of accessing the global family office and RIA ecosystems. Over the next 12 months, this monthly series will showcase unique customers who rely on FINTRX to expand their access to intelligent private wealth data and drive superior outcomes for their firms.

March '23 Customer Spotlight 
NewSpring Capital


Customer Spotlight:  NewSpring Capital

Contact:  Michael Davis, Fundraising

Asset Class:  Venture Capital; Private Equity

Headquarters:  Radnor, PA

AUM:  $3B+

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Founded in 1999, NewSpring Capital is a Radnor, PA-based private equity firm with over 3B+ in assets under management. NewSpring partners with the innovators, makers and operators of high-performing companies in dynamic industries to catalyze new growth. The firm's investment size ranges from $5M to $30M, and it typically takes a minority ownership stake in the companies it invests in. 

Prior to becoming a FINTRX user, NewSpring Capital found a gaping hole when it came to accessing detailed and actionable information on family offices. With increased pressure to pursue family office LPs for fund investments and co-investments, the Head of Fundraising at NewSpring Michael Davis needed access to a dedicated database with accurate and comprehensive coverage of the family office landscape. Davis explained the family office space to be "difficult to canvas broadly due to the lack of information available on private family offices and its highly fragmented nature."

Davis and his team ultimately needed a resource to identify family offices that align with NewSpring's investment strategies, and furthermore, increase the number of conversations and relationships with suitable family office investors.

NewSpring Capital now utilizes the FINTRX family office dataset of 3,600+ family offices and 19,000+ family office contacts on a weekly basis. Davis reflects on NewSpring's family office coverage prior to leveraging the FINTRX data solution and stated that the dozens of granular search parameters and thorough investment coverage of the family office ecosystem has been "extremely useful for NewSpring's fundraising efforts across our multiple strategies." As a multi-year customer, NewSpring Capital continues to leverage FINTRX at scale to turbocharge and organize their family office access.


"Before FINTRX, we used other investor databases that were not specifically focused on family offices and have found FINTRX to provide better and more detailed information." Michael Davis, Fundraising, NewSpring Capital


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NewSpring Capital Case Study 

January '23 Customer Spotlight 
Fifth Wall Ventures


Customer Spotlight:  Fifth Wall Ventures

Contact:  Michael New, Principal

Asset Class:  Venture Capital; Technology 

Headquarters:  Los Angeles, CA

AUM:  $3B+

Founded in 2016, Fifth Wall Ventures is a Los Angeles, California-based venture capital firm focused on technology for the global real estate industry. With assets of roughly $3.2 billion, Fifth Wall connects some of the largest real estate owners and operators with entrepreneurs globally.

Michael New, Principal at Fifth Wall Ventures, focuses on capital markets, strategic alliances and LP fundraising strategies. By giving its partners access to cutting-edge technologies, a tactical understanding of new trends and network scalability, New and his team increase value for their partners.

An improved method of accessing entities and contacts that frequently evaded "more traditional databases like Preqin or S&P MMI" was eventually sought after by New and his team. Michael credits FINTRX with giving Fifth Wall the tools and insights needed "to develop a scalable, repeatable, data-driven process for outreach to new investors and to find net-new LP targets." The Fifth Wall team can now quickly map out the alternative wealth landscape and tailor their prospect outreach by leveraging FINTRX, which has since led to faster and more effective fundraising efforts.

"FINTRX is indisputably the most robust data platform for these kinds of private wealth contacts, and we've been able to dramatically accelerate our scale of outreach. Fundraising requires volume, and FINTRX has enabled us to find interested investors at scale." - Michael New, Principal at Fifth Wall Ventures

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>> Read the full case study

FINTRX provides comprehensive data intelligence on 850,000+ family office & investment advisor records, each designed to help you identify, access and map the private wealth ecosystem. Explore in-depth dossiers on each family office & investment advisor. Access AUM, source of wealth, investment criteria, previous investment history, sectors & industries of interest, and advisor growth signals, among other key data points.


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