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FINTRX Customer Spotlight Series


Welcome to our FINTRX Customer Spotlight Series, where we explore real-world examples of how FINTRX, the leading family office and registered investment advisor (RIA) data platform, empowers financial professionals with a more effective way of accessing the global family office and RIA ecosystems. This monthly series showcases unique customers who rely on FINTRX to expand their access to intelligent private wealth data and drive superior outcomes for their firms.

September Spotlight - Jefferies Group


Customer Spotlight:  Jefferies Group

Contact:  Robert Peyreigne  |  Global Head of Wealth Management

Asset Classes:  Investment Banking; Capital Markets

Headquarters:  New York, NY

Year Founded:  1962

Customer Spotlight Series (in blog) (5)

Jefferies Group is a New York City-based investment bank and capital markets firm that has offered its clients advisory, sales & trading, research, investment banking, equities, fixed income, and asset & wealth management services since its inception in 1962. The firm operates across various industries such as technology, healthcare, energy, consumer products and real estate, and has a global presence with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Jefferies is known for its expertise in middle-market M&A, as well as its capabilities in high-yield debt and leveraged finance. The firm has a long history of success and is a well-respected participant in the financial services industry.

Robert Peyreigne, Global Head of Wealth Management at Jefferies, and his team faced challenges in conducting research and prospect outreach in the fragmented RIA space. They struggled to identify the right RIAs interested in their specialized offerings, as the traditional methods of manually sourcing data from SEC filings proved time-consuming and ineffective. To overcome these hurdles, Jefferies partnered with FINTRX - a collaboration that enabled Jefferies to optimize their RIA prospecting strategies and connect with target firms more accurately.

By leveraging FINTRX's comprehensive data on 850,000+ investors and contacts, Jefferies refined their targeting and customized their services, resulting in increased business opportunities. Utilizing FINTRX-native data such as investment history, individual advisor AUM, and industry focus allowed the team to quickly build a list of RIAs that align with their offerings, and the ability to create custom alerts and notifications enables them to stay up-to-date on firm and industry changes. The integration of FINTRX into Jefferies' business strategy continues to drive high-level growth, enhance outreach efforts, and provide efficient and expansive coverage across multiple business units.

"[The FINTRX] team has been very helpful in terms of what we want to accomplish and advising us on ways to approach our searches."  - Robert Peyreigne, Global Head of Wealth Management at Jefferies


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August Spotlight - Hometap Equity Partners


Customer Spotlight:  Hometap Equity Partners

Contact:  Spencer Herman  |  Head of Family Office Relations

Industry:  Financial Services

Asset Class:  Home Equity Investment

Headquarters:  Boston, MA

Customer Spotlight Series - Hometap

Established in 2017, Hometap Equity Partners is a fintech company that has quickly emerged as a key player in the real estate space. Their Home Equity Investment solution presents homeowners with an alternative avenue to unlock their home equity while granting investors access to a specialized residential real estate opportunity. This solution has been recognized by a number of industry-leading organizations and publications including HousingWire, Fast Company, and Business Intelligence Group, and they were recently recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in 2023  by Inc. Magazine.

As Head of Family Office Relations at Hometap, Spencer Herman had trouble finding an effective method for identifying and reaching out to suitable family offices. The lack of up-to-date and accurate information combined with the company's niche asset class offering made finding the right prospects difficult and their outreach process inefficient. Spencer often spent his time conducting manual research and casting a wide net across the family office landscape. "I wasn't able to really narrow down my search to find the right fit for our offering, which is pretty unique,"  notes Spencer. It was clear both he and his team needed a better way to source actionable data on family offices and the contacts within them. 

FINTRX ultimately proved to be a game-changer for Hometap Equity Partners, saving them valuable time by automating manual research and providing insights into shared interests with potential investors. Since harnessing the FINTRX database platform, Hometap has been able to streamline their outreach by leveraging the Affinity Score feature and accessing detailed private wealth information on 3,700+ family offices and 20,000+ contacts to find the perfect investors for their asset class. Spencer and his team are now better equipped to make warm and meaningful connections with suitable investors.

"I spend significantly less time on manual research because FINTRX automatically lets me know what interests I have in common with whoever I'm reaching out to. It also saves a ton of time to filter out investors who wouldn't be a fit for our asset class."  - Spencer Herman  |  Head of Family Office Relations at Hometap

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July Spotlight - Rowe Capital Partners


Customer Spotlight:  Rowe Capital Partners

Contact:  Jim Rowe  |  Principal

Firm Classification:  Alternative Asset Placement

Headquarters:  Boulder City, NV

Asset Classes:  Private Equity, Real Estate, Venture Capital

Customer Spotlight Series (in blog) Rowe

Rowe Capital Partners is a global placement agency located in Boulder City, Nevada. Established in 2001, the firm prides itself on offering a diverse portfolio of alternative direct investment strategies, delivering both insightful strategic advice and superior asset management services to investors worldwide. Rowe Capital Partners specializes in asset classes such as private equity, venture capital and real estate, and has earned a reputation for excellence in cultivating a vast network of relationships with alternative-focused investors. Underpinning all they do is an unwavering commitment to fostering partnerships and driving value.

The global family office landscape is expanding rapidly, with a surge in both the number of offices and total assets under management. As asset-raising professionals increasingly turn to alternative investments, navigating this vast ecosystem of investors has become a daunting challenge. Rowe Capital Partners faced a significant pain point, citing that it was "difficult to identify family offices and accurate contact information" while keeping pace with the growing number of established firms. The task of pinpointing suitable family offices for their specific use case proved to be time-consuming and often yielded outdated or unreliable information.

Rather than wasting valuable time scouring the internet for credible data, Rowe and his team made the decision to leverage FINTRX for its ever-expanding and constantly updated dataset of 3,700+ family offices and 20,000+ decision-makers. Since adopting the cloud-based platform, Rowe Capital Partners has experienced a remarkable improvement in their family office prospecting efforts. Through the utilization of custom workflows, Rowe Capital Partners continues to harness the power of our comprehensive dataset to better "identify family office areas of interest and allocation preferences." Armed with this valuable resource, the firm can navigate the family office landscape with ease and precision, ultimately forging meaningful relationships and driving their business forward.

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June Spotlight - Ziegler


Customer Spotlight:  Ziegler

Contact:  Jenny Poth  |  Vice President

Firm Classification:  Investment Bank

Headquarters:  Chicago, IL

Sectors:  Healthcare, Senior Living, Education

Customer Spotlight Series (in blog) (3)

Founded in 1902, Ziegler is a Chicago-based investment bank and capital markets firm that specializes in the healthcare, senior living and education sectors and offers a range of services, including capital raising, strategic advisory and fixed-income sales. With offices across the United States, Ziegler is dedicated to making a positive impact in its communities and has established itself as a leader in not-for-profit underwriting, issuing over $24 billion in new debt since 2000.

Navigating the alternative and private wealth landscapes can be a daunting task, even for experienced firms like Ziegler. As they sought funding for their newest Venture Capital fund, Ziegler faced numerous obstacles, particularly a lack of a centralized source of data on family offices and their investment mandates. Vice president Jenny Poth noted that "organizing [their] thoughts and relationships in the family office sector and expanding [their] networks intelligently was very challenging."

Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, Ziegler turned to FINTRX for its ability to quickly filter through thousands of family offices and decision-makers which would ultimately save them valuable time and resources. By implementing FINTRX, Ziegler gained access to data on 3,700+ family offices and 19,000+ contacts, significantly expanding their exposure in the family office market.

FINTRX has since enabled the firm to efficiently filter through vast datasets to identify suitable family office investments and cultivate a targeted list of high-potential prospects. Moreover, FINTRX simplified the process of building intelligent relationships, which had historically relied on preexisting connections and limited information on family office investment decisions. Thanks to FINTRX, Ziegler is equipped with the tools to navigate the private wealth landscape effectively and drive their business forward.

"For recent fund and capital raising efforts, FINTRX has made it easier than ever to cultivate a list of targeted, well-aligned family offices that may be interested in the opportunity. FINTRX has professionalized our family office outreach in the same way that CapitalIQ and Pitchbook did for PE and VC funds."  - Jenny Poth  |  Vice President at Ziegler

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May Spotlight - MDSV Capital


Customer Spotlight:  MDSV Capital

Contact:  Peter Ashley  |  Partner, Investor Relations

Strategy:  Integrated Venture Investing

Headquarters:  Palo Alto, CA

Sector:  Deep Technology

Customer Spotlight Series (in blog) (2)-1

Founded in 2021, MDSV Capital is a Palo Alto, CA-based venture capital firm that focuses on investments in early-stage deep tech companies. The firm implements an integrated venture investing strategy focused on amplifying the upside of venture capital to maximize returns and provide broad market exposure while mitigating downside risk. The investment team at MDSV is comprised of seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneurs that each bring 25+ years of investment experience to the firm.

As a venture firm taking a focused approach in deep tech, the team at MDSV needed a way to connect with like-minded family offices that would be well-matched to their industry focus. "Identifying, qualifying and contacting prospective investors for a venture fund is challenging at any time, and it's tougher than ever today," notes Peter Ashley, investor relations partner at MDSV.

The team eventually reached out to FINTRX, hoping for a better way to find and connect with family offices. FINTRX instantly enabled MDSV Capital to access 3,700+ family offices and 19,000+ key decision-makers worldwide, and the 375+ advanced search filters & data tools allow Ashley and his team to streamline their prospecting efforts, leading to more efficient outreach. "The FINTRX platform makes me more effective in my Investor Relations role," says Ashley. The MDSV team can now easily map out the alternative wealth landscape with FINTRX, saving time and ultimately allowing the firm to cultivate lists of well-aligned family offices that may be interested in their investment opportunities down the road. 

"FINTRX has compiled a deeper database than any other I've seen, and the platform makes it easy for me to identify the family offices that are most likely to be interested in our fund. With FINTRX, I'm able to reach out with a relevant message to the most interested investors, which saves and respects everyone's time."  - Peter Ashley  |  Partner, Investor Relations at MDSV Capital

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April Spotlight - Mammoth VC


Customer Spotlight:  Mammoth VC

Contact:  Jud Mackrill  |  Chief Platform Officer

Asset Class:  Venture Capital

Headquarters:  Fort Wayne, IN

Sector:  HealthTech

Customer Spotlight Series (in blog) (2)

Mammoth VC is a venture capital firm based in Fort Wayne, IN that has quickly become a dominant presence in the HealthTech space since its inception in 2020. The firm focuses on early-stage startups in healthcare and technology that demonstrate the potential to revolutionize industries, create new markets or disrupt existing ones. 

Mammoth VC struggled with the complex family office and registered investment advisor ecosystem prior to joining FINTRX. As an early-stage investment firm involved in a fast-paced market, the firm needed a more efficient prospecting process to save time and effort sifting through "thousands of family offices & RIAs with a million unique data points"  while achieving better results.

With FINTRX, Mammoth has found a solution that meets their needs and supports their success by allowing them to instantly drill into specific data points to identify investors with a direct interest in venture capital and emerging managers. "It allowed us to effectively narrow our focus so much."  - Jud Mackrill, Chief Platform Officer at Mammoth VC.

In addition to streamlining their investor searches & being able to quickly sort through millions of data points, Mammoth VC was able to leverage FINTRX's Data Enrichment technology "to bring nearly 200,000 of [their] RIA data records current, increase their accuracy, and add hundreds of thousands of data points [they] did not have prior to running the enrichment."  The team's efficiency and effectiveness within the private wealth ecosystem have significantly improved, thanks to the enhanced tools and practical data provided by FINTRX.

"It was like trying to fish in the dark, absolutely crazy all the data we were trying to sort through before working with FINTRX... FINTRX has been a breath of fresh air allowing us seamless access to investment advisors and registered rep data." - Jud Mackrill, Chief Platform Officer at Mammoth VC


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March Spotlight - NewSpring Capital


Customer Spotlight:  NewSpring Capital

Contact:  Michael Davis  |  Fundraising

Asset Class:  Venture Capital, Private Equity

Headquarters:  Radnor, PA

AUM:  $3B+

Customer Spotlight Series (in blog) (1)

Founded in 1999, NewSpring Capital is a Radnor, PA-based private equity firm with over 3B+ in assets under management. NewSpring partners with the innovators, makers and operators of high-performing companies in dynamic industries to catalyze new growth. The firm's investment size ranges from $5M to $30M, and it typically takes a minority ownership stake in the companies it invests in. 

Prior to becoming a FINTRX user, NewSpring Capital found a gaping hole when it came to accessing detailed and actionable information on family offices. With increased pressure to pursue family office LPs for fund investments and co-investments, the Head of Fundraising at NewSpring Michael Davis needed access to a dedicated database with accurate and comprehensive coverage of the family office landscape. Davis explained the family office space to be "difficult to canvas broadly due to the lack of information available on private family offices and its highly fragmented nature."

Davis and his team ultimately needed a resource to identify family offices that align with NewSpring's investment strategies, and furthermore, increase the number of conversations and relationships with suitable family office investors.

NewSpring Capital now utilizes the FINTRX family office dataset of 3,600+ family offices and 19,000+ family office contacts on a weekly basis. Davis reflects on NewSpring's family office coverage prior to leveraging the FINTRX data solution and stated that the dozens of granular search parameters and thorough investment coverage of the family office ecosystem has been "extremely useful for NewSpring's fundraising efforts across our multiple strategies." As a multi-year customer, NewSpring Capital continues to leverage FINTRX at scale to turbocharge and organize their family office access.

"Before FINTRX, we used other investor databases that were not specifically focused on family offices and have found FINTRX to provide better and more detailed information." Michael Davis, Fundraising, NewSpring Capital


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January Spotlight - Fifth Wall Ventures


Customer Spotlight:  Fifth Wall Ventures

Asset Class:  Venture Capital, Technology 

Headquarters:  Los Angeles, CA

AUM:  $3B+


"FINTRX is our secret weapon that provides our team with the most robust data and insights on over 850,000+ family office and investment advisor records. I'm almost hesitant to provide an endorsement because I don't want any other capital raisers to have access to the wealth of information I now have access to - and I strongly endorse the product."  - Fifth Wall Ventures


Founded in 2016, Fifth Wall Ventures is a Los Angeles, California-based venture capital firm focused on technology for the global real estate industry. With assets of roughly $3.2 billion, Fifth Wall connects some of the largest real estate owners and operators with entrepreneurs globally.

The team at Fifth Wall Ventures focuses on capital markets, strategic alliances and LP fundraising strategies. By giving its partners access to cutting-edge technologies, a tactical understanding of new trends and network scalability, the team increases value for their partners.

An improved method of accessing entities and contacts that frequently evaded "more traditional databases like Preqin or S&P MMI" was eventually sought after by the Fifth Wall team. They credit FINTRX with providing the tools and insights needed "to develop a scalable, repeatable, data-driven process for outreach to new investors and to find net-new LP targets." The Fifth Wall team can now quickly map out the alternative wealth landscape and tailor their prospect outreach by leveraging FINTRX, which has since led to faster and more effective fundraising efforts.

"FINTRX is indisputably the most robust data platform for these kinds of private wealth contacts, and we've been able to dramatically accelerate our scale of outreach. Fundraising requires volume, and FINTRX has enabled us to find interested investors at scale." - Fifth Wall Ventures


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FINTRX is a leading family office and RIA data intelligence platform that provides valuable insights and information to help users grow their businesses and connect with high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors. Our platform offers a comprehensive database of 3,800+ family offices, 20,000+ family office contacts, 37,000 RIAs and 850,000 registered RIA reps/contacts.

We provide detailed profiles of each family office and RIA, including investment preferences, asset allocation and extensive contact information. Find relevant decision-makers in a snap with powerful search filters and queries. Filter through areas of investment interest, AUM, asset flows, intent signals, potential associates and more...


For additional details and a live walkthrough, request a demo below.

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