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$7.6 Trillion

 total family office assets tracked
4.8 Million
total family office data points covered

Mapping the global family office ecosystem

Identify ideal family offices for your needs by leveraging our expansive data & research. Gain access to an unprecedented 360 degree view of the family office ecosystem—including all families, their investment activity and key decision makers within.


Growth metric - Seventy four percent of all global single family offices have been created after the year 2000.

Access Family Offices

Identify family office prospects

Identify family office prospects

Efficiently identify and access the family offices that best suit your offerings
Find family office decision makers

Find decision makers

Uncover key family office decision makers and investment committee members
Track news alerts & notifications

Track alerts & notifications

Stay privy to actionable news mentions, new hires, investment activity and more
Expand your family office network

Expand your family office network

Explore hidden networking opportunities within your data

Feature Rich Family Office Data Access

Key features and functionality to deliver the data you need
Daily family office Updates

Daily Updates

Daily updates to ensure you have the most up to date data at your disposal
Family Industry Wealth Origin

Industry Wealth Origin

Understand the source of wealth behind the curtain of each family
Family Office Investment History

Investment History

Uncover previous investments made by the family
Family Office News Mentions

News Mentions

Access news mentions to connect with your prospects at the right time
family office AUM Coverage

AUM Coverage

Expansive AUM details to help you map the right families
single family office Asset Class Interest

Asset Class Interest

Target the right families based on their asset class of interest
family office Allocation Themes

Key Decision Makers

Increase efficiency by seamlessly targeting key decision makers

Allocation Themes

Niche allocation themes - ESG/Impact, cannabis and more
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family office Contact Information

Expansive Contact Information 

Trying to find email addresses, phone numbers and other contact info on LinkedIn isn't easy and is incredibly time consuming. Our expansive family office contact information makes connecting with your ideal prospects easier than ever before - saving you time, money and energy in your pursuit of new clients.

Family Office Investment Analytics

Investment Analytics

Track family office investments and allocations. Uncover previous investments and allocations to better understand where the family is deploying capital. See historical trends and pinpoint future intent signals.

FINTRX Affinity - Contact Scoring

Find Your Best Path In

Leverage our Affinity Relatability feature to uncover your best path in to each family office. Affinity has been designed with the help of artificial intelligence and provides you with custom conversation starters, insights on how to relate to each decision maker, and intel about your commonalities with 17,000+ family office professionals.

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