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"FINTRX has professionalized our family office outreach in the same way that CapitalIQ and Pitchbook did for PE and VC funds."
Jenny Poth

Jenny Poth

Ziegler Investment Bank

"No one covers family offices and RIA's like FINTRX does. It is a big deal."
Mary Strother

Mary Strother

March Capital Corp

"FINTRX has allowed us to tap into the family office channel across our multiple strategies in a way we could not do until now. We have more than doubled our touchpoints with family offices across the United States since using FINTRX."
michael davis

Michael Davis

NewSpring Capital

"After evaluating several top data providers — choosing FINTRX was easy. Their tools, interface, & data management are unmatched & the team is world-class."
Hank Bowen

Hank Bowen

Sovereign's Capital

"As real estate and other alternatives have become a mainstream allocation, there are a plethora of managers that investors can choose from. FINTRX is the gold standard for GPs looking to efficiently and effectively scale their businesses by targeting the right cohort of sophisticated family offices and RIA's."
Justin Arasin, US Realty Advisors

Justin Arasin

US Realty Advisors

"By leveraging the Data Enrichment technology, in a matter of minutes we were able to bring nearly 200,000 of our RIA data records current, increase their accuracy and add hundreds of thousands of additional data points that we did not have prior to running the enrichment. Incredibly valuable."

Jud Mackrill

Mammoth VC

"FINTRX is our secret weapon that provides our team with the most robust data and insights on over 850,000+ family office and investment advisor records. I'm almost hesitant to provide an endorsement because I don't want any other capital raisers to have access to the wealth of information I now have access to - and I strongly endorse the product."
Michael New-1

Michael New

Fifth Wall Ventures

"The experience with FINTRX has been fantastic, they have partnered with us to meet our exact needs to help focus our sales efforts within the RIA channel. Plus the client service and support we receive is exceptional. FINTRX is always willing to help us!"
Paul LeBlanc

Paul LeBlanc

Victory Capital Management (VCM)

"There are other database platforms, but I have yet to find one with the level of detail on each family office that FINTRX provides. I spend significantly less time on manual research because FINTRX automatically lets me know what interests I have in common with whoever I'm reaching out to. It also saves a ton of time to filter out investors who wouldn't be a fit for our asset class."
spencer herman

Spencer Herman

Hometap Equity Partners

"FINTRX has done the hard work identifying single and multi-family offices across the world and bring the information you need to know in order to properly engage. The information FINTRX has is extremely difficult to find otherwise."

Thomas Gutterman

Wells Fargo Advisors

"Smooth, efficient, and customer-service oriented. [There is] no other provider that offers all of the RIA & Family Office data we were seeking in one, user-friendly platform.”

Michael Helgeson

Sandpiper Lodging Manager

"FINTRX has compiled a deeper database than any other I've seen and the Platform makes it easy for me to identify the family offices that are most likely to be interested in our fund. With FINTRX I'm able to reach out with a relevant message to the most interested investors, which saves and respects everyone's time."

fintrx reviews

Peter Ashley

MDSV Capital

"The FINTRX platform is clean and straightforward, allowing us to identify our target audience with ease. My favorite, and most used, feature of FINTRX is the location filter. When our team travels, we seek to maximize our time in a city by setting up meetings. FINTRX helps us identify key prospects based on location."

Alexandra Horton

Clear Investment Group

"I would absolutely recommend FINTRX. The ease of use and the exceptional support from the team are key benefits that set FINTRX apart." 

Michael Zarlengo

Valient Finance

"The automation and simplicity of the platform is reason enough to sign up, but the true surprise is added value in the level of service that you receive. FINTRX does a tremendous job of ensuring your comfortable adoption of the platform & keeping you continuously updated on new features."
mike rieker

Mike Rieker


"FINTRX has transitioned our approach with technology, enabling us to cultivate a new level of relationships both in the Investment Advisor and Family Office markets. We've leveraged the deep dive intelligence of FINTRX to expand our spider web of connections and grow cold relationships into robust long-term conversations."
fintrx - real estate

Shawn Hawthorne


"Excellent - easy-to-navigate platform with reliable family office data that adds a level of clarity to an often opaque vertical. FINTRX is regularly updated which allows our fundraising team to effectively manage prospecting lists and prequalify LPs ahead of outreach."
Taylor Horty

Taylor Horty

Performance Equity Management

"Super helpful in scouring the massive amount of data out there on RIAs and family offices... I have been able to find various organizations that I would never have known about and contact information for people at that organization. I still have to search for certain contacts, but overall, much easier."
Heston Nielson

Heston Nielson

Keystone National Group

"FINTRX was instrumental in developing our highly niched strategy for providing coverage to a select group of family offices."

Neal Neilinger

Head of Family Office Coverage

“There are thousands and thousand of family offices out there and registered investment advisory firms out there and it's like trying to fish in the dark - it was absolutely crazy all the data we were trying to sort through - We came across FINTRX and it was like our whole world opened up,"

Tommy Martin

Mammoth VC

"I have been very impressed with the quality of the FINTRX platform - no other platform has the breadth and depth of coverage of the global family office investor universe."

Will Dombrowski

Apis Capital

"FINTRX provides us accurate family office, wealth manager, and registered investment advisor data that enables the Parkview team to get in direct contact with the Chief Investment Officers and Due Diligence Managers."
Drew Weinstein

Drew Weinstein

Parkview Financial

“FINTRX has provided us the tools to target our sales opportunities, and the support from the team has shortened the learning curve.
Christopher Silvaggi

Christopher Silvaggi

Safe Harbor Dsitribution

"FINTRX consistently responds to our requests with exceptional promptness and demonstrates remarkable innovation by continually introducing new features. The assistance from FINTRX has been exceptional, with outstanding responsiveness and attention to detail."
Johanna Montenegro

Johanna Montenegro

Continental Realty Corporation

"FINTRX helps ensure we leave no stone unturned when connecting GPs to LPs."
Randy Mitchell

Randy Mitchell

Private Capital Development

"Extremely effective and clean interface. FINTRX offers highly detailed profiles of prospective family office investors. All information is up-to-date - a very high ROI database for our firm."

Matt Lusins

Convergence Investments

"FINTRX is an organization that knows how to deliver results."
Robert Peyreigne

Robert Peyreigne

Jefferies Group

"FINTRX has helped us find quality information on the real families that stand behind the private family offices, and learn more about the people we are meeting with or could potentially meet with."
Megan Sandler

Megan Sandler

Strata Equity Group

"FINTRX is an incredibly powerful tool for uncovering deep dive family office data and research. Highly recommended solution."
Timothy Boardman

Timothy Boardman

Deutsche Bank

"FINTRX has an excellent user interface with accurate contact information that has saved us a ton of time identifying quality family office and RIA investors."
Anne Buchanan

Anne Buchanan

Stronghold Investment Management

"FINTRX is a very strong platform/product if you wish to reach out to the family office community. If you are thinking of finding the right FO for your investment, start searching here."

Marc Debois

ING Bank

"The detail on contacts and firms is incredible - unparalleled. The knowledge provided by FINTRX on individuals' and firms' investment goals has proved invaluable when approaching potential new investors."

Benjamin F. Byrd IV

Ramston Capital

"FINTRX has been a useful tool in mapping the European family office space and has provided excellent customer service and family office intelligence."
Joanna Ernst

Joanna Ernst

Alpha Leonis Partners

"A great way to source quality family offices within an elegant online platform - I love it."
Daniel Schreck

Daniel Schreck

Equinox Partners

"From day one, we were able to quickly source investors, implement our data, and leverage the daily work of the FINTRX team to keep our family office investor pool growing and updated and accurate."
david kidder

David Kidder

Landmark Capital

"The format is extremely easy to use and whenever I need it, FINTRX has delivered. FINTRX not only creates new relationships but makes it easy to create warmer cold calls. I love Affinity."
Jessica Li

Jessica Li

Velocity Capital Management

"FINTRX is indisputably the most robust data platform for these kinds of private wealth contacts, and we've been able to dramatically accelerate our scale of outreach. Fundraising requires volume, and FINTRX has enabled us to find interested investors at scale."
Michael New-1

Michael New

Fifth Wall

"FINTRX gives us access to a clean, updated interface of family office investors. Their interface and data have simplified our efforts and created much greater efficiency. Highly recommended on all accounts."
Michael Malano

Michael Malano

Greenstone Capital

"I have been able to filter. . .to create a base list and then use targeted filters to supply each of our regional wholesalers warm leads."

Christopher Silvaggi

Safe Harbor Distribution

"To date, I have already received an investment from a family office that originated from FINTRX that I had no prior connection to whatsoever."
Kevin Gahwyler

Kevin Gahwyler

Measure 8 Venture Partners

"We use the database daily to efficiently manage outreach and grow our network. We could not accomplish our goals without FINTRX."
Robert Becker

Robert Becker

Lanier Ivy

"FINTRX allowed us to easily and quickly identify potential targets in the family office space... user-friendly interface with high-quality data."
Mark Schlegel

Mark Schlegal

Emerald Asset Management

"FINTRX is outstanding and very educational as the family office sector is quickly evolving."
Jim Rowe

Jim Rowe

Rowe Capital Partners

"The FINTRX platform is absolutely fantastic... assisting us with building quality relationships with family offices."
kevin mallon

Kevin Mallon

Pravati Capital

"FINTRX collaborates with you to meet your family office's objectives...in so many ways with phenomenal customer service."
Ted Hillinson

Ted Hillinson


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