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"FINTRX has allowed us to tap into the family office channel across our multiple strategies in a way we could not do until now. We have more than doubled our touchpoints with family offices across the United States since using FINTRX."
michael davis

Michael Davis

NewSpring Capital

"By leveraging the Data Enrichment technology, in a matter of minutes we were able to bring nearly 200,000 of our RIA data records current, increase their accuracy and add hundreds of thousands of additional data points that we did not have prior to running the enrichment. Incredibly valuable."

Jud Mackrill

Mammoth VC

"FINTRX has professionalized our family office outreach in the same way that CapitalIQ and Pitchbook did for PE and VC funds."
Jenny Poth

Jenny Poth

Ziegler Investment Bank

"FINTRX has transitioned our approach with technology, enabling us to cultivate a new level of relationships both in the Investment Advisor and Family Office markets. We've leveraged the deep dive intelligence of FINTRX to expand our spider web of connections and grow cold relationships into robust long-term conversations."
fintrx - real estate

Shawn Hawthorne


"FINTRX has done the hard work identifying single and multi-family offices across the world and bring the information you need to know in order to properly engage. The information FINTRX has is extremely difficult to find otherwise."

Thomas Gutterman

Wells Fargo Advisors

"FINTRX has compiled a deeper database than any other I've seen and the Platform makes it easy for me to identify the family offices that are most likely to be interested in our fund. With FINTRX I'm able to reach out with a relevant message to the most interested investors, which saves and respects everyone's time."


Peter Ashley

MDSV Capital

“There are thousands and thousand of family offices out there and registered investment advisory firms out there and it's like trying to fish in the dark - it was absolutely crazy all the data we were trying to sort through - We came across FINTRX and it was like our whole world opened up,"

Tommy Martin

Mammoth VC

"I have been very impressed with the quality of the FINTRX platform - no other platform has the breadth and depth of coverage of the global family office investor universe."

Will Dombrowski

Apis Capital

"Our experience with FINTRX has been excellent. The platform is user-friendly, and the information we've been able to easily source has increased our lead generation capacity tremendously."

Ellie Martin

Ellie Martin

Jones Street Investment Partners

"Wonderful platform that has produced high-quality capital leads and has helped in building out our capital pipeline for existing and future investments."
Samantha Ory

Samantha Ory

Ouroboros Group

"Extremely effective and clean interface. FINTRX offers highly detailed profiles of prospective family office investors. All information is up-to-date - a very high ROI database for our firm."

Matt Lusins

Convergence Investments

"FINTRX is an incredibly powerful tool for uncovering deep dive family office data and research. Highly recommended solution."
Timothy Boardman

Timothy Boardman

Deutsche Bank

"FINTRX is a very strong platform/product if you wish to reach out to the family office community. If you are thinking of finding the right FO for your investment, start searching here."

Marc Debois

ING Bank

"The detail on contacts and firms is incredible - unparalleled. The knowledge provided by FINTRX on individuals' and firms' investment goals has proved invaluable when approaching potential new investors."

Benjamin F. Byrd IV

Ramston Capital

"From day one, we were able to quickly source investors, implement our data, and leverage the daily work of the FINTRX team to keep our family office investor pool growing and updated and accurate."
david kidder

David Kidder

Landmark Capital

"FINTRX gives us access to a clean, updated interface of family office investors. Their interface and data have simplified our efforts and created much greater efficiency. Highly recommended on all accounts."
Michael Malano

Michael Malano

Greenstone Capital

"To date, I have already received an investment from a family office that originated from FINTRX that I had no prior connection to whatsoever."
Kevin Gahwyler

Kevin Gahwyler

Measure 8 Venture Partners

"We use the database daily to efficiently manage outreach and grow our network. We could not accomplish our goals without FINTRX."
Robert Becker

Robert Becker

Lanier Ivy

"FINTRX allowed us to easily and quickly identify potential targets in the family office space... user-friendly interface with high-quality data."
Mark Schlegel

Mark Schlegal

Emerald Asset Management

"FINTRX is outstanding and very educational as the family office sector is quickly evolving."
Jim Rowe

Jim Rowe

Rowe Capital Partners

"The FINTRX platform is absolutely fantastic... assisting us with building quality relationships with family offices."
kevin mallon

Kevin Mallon

Pravati Capital

"FINTRX collaborates with you to meet your family office's objectives...in so many ways with phenomenal customer service."
Ted Hillinson

Ted Hillinson


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