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In Partnership With
Charles Schwab

FINTRX Family Office Industry Briefing Series

Eddie Brown Schwab

"As a proud sponsor, I would like to congratulate Russ and his FINTRX team on the launch of the Industry Briefing Series, which provides valuable research and insight into the family office community."

Eddie Brown
National Managing Director & Head of Schwab Advisor Family Office 

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FINTRX Schwab Family Office Industry Report

About the Report

Welcome to our Family Office Industry Briefing Series, produced in partnership with Charles Schwab. This 3 part series provides an insightful look into the professionals that make up the global family office ecosystem.

The research contained within this report has been built with a bottom-up approach from our extensive family office dataset, as opposed to traditional small-sample survey data. As a result, we are able to share robust and detailed insights into this impactful and previously opaque family office sector.


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