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Founded in 2014 and based in Boston, MA, FINTRX is the preeminent family office and registered investment advisor intelligence platform. We deliver the data, research and tools that leading asset managers and financial firms rely on to efficiently access the private wealth ecosystem. FINTRX pairs over a million data records with artificial intelligence - designed to empower our customers and deliver successful outcomes. 
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Our Mission

At FINTRX, our mission is to deliver the most efficient path to access the global private wealth ecosystem. Our powerful yet easy-to-use platform provides an intuitive way to discover the right investors, opportunities and decision makers - all while saving you valuable time. 

Recent Reports & White Papers

February 20 2024

Notable Rep Movement: UBS Capitalizes on Departures from Merrill Lynch

A notable shift is taking place in wealth management as high-performing advisory teams and seasoned financial advisors depart from Merrill Lynch in favor of UBS. Over the past year, there has been an accelerating transition in talent and client..

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Family Office & RIA Resources

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February 15 2024

FINTRX Releases Family Office Real Estate Investment Data

Through the addition of its Property Transactions feature, FINTRX expands its offerings to include a comprehensive dataset on direct real estate transactions by family office investors, empowering users to easily access, drill into and..

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February 13 2024

FINTRX Global Family Office Report Part 5 | Sponsored By Charles Schwab

It is with great enthusiasm that we present Part Five of the Family Office Industry Briefing Series, presented in partnership between FINTRX and Charles Schwab. In this segment, we delve into the intricate world of family office classification,..

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February 9 2024

January '24 FINTRX Family Office & RIA Data Report

Every month, the FINTRX Private Wealth Database adds and updates thousands of family offices, registered investment advisors (RIAs), decision-makers and an array of tracked investment and asset information to our dataset. To illustrate this growth,..

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