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Providing accurate and comprehensive private wealth intelligence - empowering access to decision makers and increased efficiency.



Founded in 2014 and based in Boston, MA, FINTRX is the preeminent family office and registered investment advisor intelligence platform. We deliver the data, research and tools that leading asset managers and financial firms rely on to efficiently access the private wealth ecosystem. FINTRX pairs over a million data records with artificial intelligence - designed to empower our customers and deliver successful outcomes. 
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Our Mission

At FINTRX, our mission is to deliver the most efficient path to access the global private wealth ecosystem. Our powerful yet easy-to-use platform provides an intuitive way to discover the right investors, opportunities and decision makers - all while saving you valuable time. 

Recent Reports & White Papers

September 13 2023

RIA Industry Spotlight: 3 Women-Owned Firms with $1B+ in AUM

Utilizing FINTRX's comprehensive private wealth data intelligence platform, we have compiled the RIA Industry Spotlight series to provide insights into the diverse range of firms operating in the RIA landscape. By tapping into FINTRX's robust..

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Family Office & RIA Resources

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September 8 2023

August '23 Family Office & RIA Monthly Data Report

In an effort to shine a light on the private wealth ecosystem, FINTRX Family Office & RIA Database provider has compiled the following data report to provide a high-level synopsis of the private wealth landscape for August 2023. This report offers..

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September 5 2023

Advisor Spotlight: Profiling 5 Leading Wealth Managers of Today

FINTRX - Family Office & RIA Database provider has compiled the Advisor Spotlight to highlight five leading wealth managers of today, showcasing their backgrounds, assets under management (AUM), industry and state rankings, industry tenure and more.

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September 5 2023

August 2023 FINTRX Updates & Additions

As always, we're excited to share with you the latest developments and additions to FINTRX, the leading family office & registered investment advisor (RIA) data intelligence platform, as we continue to innovate and enhance our data offering and the..

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