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Family Office & RIA Data Intelligence

A Better Way to Access Family Office & RIA Data

Discover how FINTRX empowers its customers to map, access and sell into the complex and fragmented world of Family Offices and Registered Investment Advisors.

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Family Office & RIA Intelligence Accessible From Anywhere

Our intuitive online platform provides you with access to the latest family office and investment advisor data, including actionable insights to keep you current on what's important.
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Cantor Fitzgerald

Your Single Online Source For All Private Wealth Data Intelligence

Join the hundreds of fund managers who leverage our unparalleled family office and registered investment advisor data. 
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Access From Anywhere

Seamless access to the data and research you need from any device


Up to Date & Accurate

Monitor family office and advisor updates, changes and new additions


Powerful & Intuitive

Simple to use, yet powerful features designed to simplify your private wealth access


Online Platform Features

Online access to the most current private wealth data and research
RIA daily updates

Daily Updates

Daily updates to ensure you have the most up to date data at your disposal
Private Wealth Teams

Private Wealth Teams

Understand the relationship and makeup of private wealth teams
Custody Analysis

Custody Analysis

Track and analyze custodial assets held and changes over time
Build Territories

Territory Builder 

Build advisor and rep territories & track new additions and changes
Meeting Prep Packets

Meeting Prep Packets

Create meeting prep packets to ensure you're armed with up to date info
allocation themes

Allocation Themes

Identify niche allocation themes - ESG/Impact, cannabis and more
Growth Signals

Advisor Growth Signals

Build custom growth metrics to uncover rapidly growing advisors
map search

Visual Map Search

Visually query down to the street level to better plan travel and meetings
Rep Relatability Scores

Rep Relatability Scores

Personalize your outreach to build stronger relationships & dialogue   
Advisor & Rep News

Advisor & Rep News 

Track news mentions on all reps and advisors to drive timely outreach
Advisor AUM

Advisor AUM 

Advisor AUM to help you target the right advisors & registered reps
Key Decision Makers

Key Decision Makers

Increase efficiency by seamlessly targeting key decision makers

Simplify your family office and registered investment advisor access

Book more meetings, increase efficiency, and expand your network


Since preparation is a key ingredient to success, our team focuses on resiliency and planning when it comes to customer data.


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Get Our Daily Coronavirus Tracker Insights Sent to Your Inbox