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Search. Refine. Discover. Conversational AI Search.

Experience a new level of search efficiency that understands and processes your natural language queries, delivering accurate and relevant results in seconds.
FINTRX Ai - search

Conversational AI Search Trained On Millions of FINTRX Data Points 

Experience the magic of finding exactly what you need with FINTRX AI Search. Simply type or speak what you are looking for, and our AI will build the precise output you're seeking.
Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating intricate filters, and focus on what truly matters - expanding your business.

AI Search Purpose Built For Financial Professionals 

FINTRX AI Search is trained on tens of millions of private wealth data points, ensuring you find what you need quickly and efficiently. 


Create Lists, Save Searches, and Build Territories

Interacting with FINTRX data has never been easier. You know what you are looking for, and our AI does too.


Find Introduction Opportunities, Former Classmates, and Plan Travel

Traveling for a meeting or a conference? AI Search by FINTRX has you covered.  Search, prepare, and prospect, all within a unified interface.


Embrace the Next Generation of AI-Driven Private Wealth Data Intelligence... 

AI Search, Powered by FINTRX

AI finance

Find the investors you're looking for in your own words

Ask FINTRX to search through millions of records, and let our AI Search reveal the results you need in seconds. 

AI finance

Leverage AI Search to find who can introduce you to a key prospect

AI Search is trained specifically for each FINTRX user, opening a whole new world on how to leverage your network.

I’ve uncovered 119 firms, along with 3,797 associated contacts! (1)

Target contacts that meet your ideal profile 

AI Search allows for incredibly detailed data access. Build cohorts of contacts that perfectly fit your needs.


Seamless data access, including private wealth teams & breakaways

We've trained our AI Search model on all FINTRX data assets - inclusive of wealth teams, aggregators, and breakaway advisors.

AI for financial services

AI (1)

Try AI Search today!

Saved Filters
Investment History
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Since preparation is a key ingredient to success, our team focuses on resiliency and planning when it comes to customer data.


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