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FINTRX Updates (4)

FINTRX Family Office Data Report May 2019

As we enter the final month of Q2 2019, please find a comprehensive summary of our data activity for the month of May.

New Release: Family Office Impact Investor Filter

FINTRX is pleased to share that we have added a new search filter to our family office Power Search module. Users now have the ability to query family offices based off their interest in impact/ESG investing.

New Release: Family Office Enhanced Keyword Search

FINTRX is excited to share that we have greatly improved our family office "Keyword" search filter. We have evolved this feature to provide users with the most efficient search tool possible. 

FINTRX Q1 2019 Family Office Data Report

Q1 was a very busy quarter for our data and research team here at FINTRX. We kicked off 2019 by adding and updating hundreds of family office dossiers and key contacts within our platform. Below is a quick overview of our Q1 family office activity...

New Release: Family Office Buy-Side Platform

FINTRX Buy-Side Has Arrived!

New Release: FINTRX Family Office IQ

New Releases: February 2018 FINTRX Features

What's New at FINTRX?

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