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Single Family Office FAQs

Single family offices have rapidly advanced over the past several years, reforming the way the ultra wealthy manage and allocate capital. While this transformation continues to add value for high net worth families and individuals around the world, this unprecedented maturation has also added a new ...
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Three Family Offices Investing in Blockchain

Utilizing our family office data and research platform, we have uncovered a number of family offices investing in blockchain technology and crypto related projects. Continue reading for further insight...   
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Three Family Offices Investing in Cannabis

Utilizing our family office data and research platform, we have uncovered a number of family offices investing in the cannabis industry. Continue reading for further insight...  
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Mid 2019 Family Office Direct Investment Report

With the first half of 2019 already in the books, we've constructed a comprehensive family office direct investment report that provides insight on the investing trends for the first half of the year. The information contained here, constructed from FINTRX-Buy-Side, provides useful data and ...
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Direct Investment Regional Breakdown

The FINTRX Buy-Side data solution and prospecting tool tracks direct investments made by family offices into over 93 industries worldwide. As we continue to track the direct investment activity within the global family office space - via our FINTRX Buy-Side Platform - we’ve unpacked some further ...
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Family Offices Trending Toward ESG Investing

Environmental, Social and Governance Investing Trend
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Cryptocurrencies Pique Interest of Single-Family Offices

Globally, a percentage of single-family offices are growing more involved in cryptocurrency investments, with a growing number of family offices investing in blockchain technology companies. According to Miguel Forbes, co-founder of Forbes.com and an international investor, “For sophisticated and ...
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Enthusiasm Grows in the Family Office Space

The family office world is looking more and more attractive to investors, from what we’ve seen via our FINTRX Platform. While the recent bull market in U.S. equities has provided extraordinary returns, investors see the need to get creative for the next era of market returns. Valuable deals are ...
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Indian Music Label's Family Office Invests in Two Startups

As they continue to make their mark in the world of alternative investing, family offices have begun diversifying their investment interests. The family office of Manohar Naidu, owner of South Indian record label Lahari Music, invested an undisclosed amount in two startups as of May 2017. This move ...
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The FINTRX Platform is the leading family office data, research, and intelligence platform to the alternative investment industry & private capital markets. Leveraging their intuitive user interface, coupled with the largest and most comprehensive family office research tool, FINTRX continues to raise the bar for asset raising solutions.

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