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Family Office Research & Insights

5 Family Offices Making Technology Investments

Despite our current economic condition, family offices around the world continue to fuel the growth of the technology industry, and this trend is likely to continue in the years ahead. In utilizing the FINTRX Buy-Side platform, which provides insight and analytics into thousands of direct deal ...

New Release: FINTRX News Portal

FINTRX is excited to announce a new feature within our family office data solution and prospecting tool that provides users with the ability to stay up to date on all news pertaining to their prospects and the alternative wealth space as a whole. The FINTRX News Portal features a bookmarking tool, ...

New Release: FINTRX Resource Library

A lack of time and information can cause major inefficiencies when it comes to fundraising within the family office sector. To help assist you in your capital raising efforts, FINTRX is eager to bring your attention to our newly refurbished Resource Library - where you can easily filter and search ...

Family Offices Continue to Get Younger & Trend Toward Impact Investing

Several indicators highlight the continuously growing trend of family offices increasing their allocations to impact focused funds and companies. To understand this trend, let us begin with the overall spike in the prevalence of environmental, social and governance investing. As research ...

10 Reasons Why Family Offices Make Great Investors

Over the past thirty years or so, family offices have become the preeminent financial model for the ultra wealthy. This amassing of capital has resulted in the family office becoming an intricate player within the private capital markets. As the leading family office data and research platform ...

FINTRX Welcomes Six New Team Members

FINTRX is excited to announce the recent hiring of six new team members - Amy Chang as Data Science Engineer, Vincent Xu as Data Science & Analytics Associate, Colin Aylward, Emma Kelly, and Steven LeBlanc as Business Development Analysts, in addition to Sarah Wright who joins us as a Client ...

Three Family Offices Investing in Blockchain

In utilizing the FINTRX Buy-Side platform, which provides insight and analytics into thousands of direct deal transactions made by family offices worldwide, we uncover three family offices investing in blockchain technology and crypto related projects. 

Three Family Offices Investing in Cannabis

Family offices around the world are fueling the growth of the cannabis industry and this trend is likely to continue in the coming years. Oftentimes, single and multi-family offices seek opportunities to invest in new, upcoming markets that can offer outsized returns. To showcase this, FINTRX has ...

Family Office Growth In India

Family Office Growth in India is Only Just Beginning Next generation entrepreneurs exiting their businesses have now begun to focus on wealth creation. The result? Family office adoption.

Family Office Private Equity Allocations Expected to Rise 73% by 2019

Family Office Private Equity Allocations Expected to Rise 73% by 2019 According to a recent report by Campden Wealth, family office allocations to private equity are expected to rise 73% between 2017 and 2019. This results in an average rise from $51 million per family office allocation in 2017 to ...

Singapore & Hong Kong are Booming with Family Offices

Over the past year alone, Singapore and Hong Kong were two of the fastest growing family office markets globally. "The rich are favoring family offices as they get personalized attention and are able to have a bigger say in the management of their wealth," Reuters reports.

Family Office Real Estate Trends

Family offices continue to increase real estate exposure...

Tricor Pacific Capital Evolves Into Family Office

Tricor Pacific Capital Evolves Into Family Office Tricor Pacific Capital has evolved into a single-family office the invests its own capital inter-generationally in a portfolio of diversified food and industrial businesses, along with real estate and land development projects. 10/25/2018

Rockefeller Capital Management Appoints a New Managing Director

Brian Cuneo Joins the Firm as a Managing Director at the Rockefeller Global Family Office Rockefeller Capital Management announced that the former Senior Vice President at Ayco Family Office would be joining the firm as the Managing Director at the Rockefeller Global Family Office.

Online Fiat Wallet Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange Service

Neteller has just announced that their users will now be able to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies including BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, and LTC. 

Global Advisory Firm Launches Multi Family Office in South Africa

 Maitland Announced the Establishment of Maitland Family Office Office in South Africa Maitland announced the establishment of Maitland Family Office, a multi-family office that serves the high net worth families, individuals and entrepreneurs in South Africa. 10/17/2018

Capital Dynamics Acquires Equity Stake in Whiteside Hill Wind Farm

Capital Dynamics Acquires 50 Percent Equity Stake in Whiteside Hill Wind Farm Yesterday Oct. 17th Capital Dynamics announced they had acquired 50 percent equity stake in Whiteside Hill Wind Farm.  10/17/2018

Cresset Wealth Advisors Expand to Pacific Northwest

Cresset Wealth Advisors Have Opened Fifth Office in Seattle Cresset Wealth Advisors have just opened their fifth office in Seattle, WA. Their other offices include Chicago, West Palm Bech, San Francisco, and Denver.  10/16/2018

Two NY Based Single Family Offices Acquired Brookfield Apartments

Besyata Investment Group and The Scharf Group Acquired Brookfield Apartment Homes in Virginia Beach, VA This Monday the two NY based single-family offices acquired the apartment homes in Virginia Beach, VA for $37.75 Million. 10/15/2018

Cha Single Family Office to Buy Palo Alto Building for $118M

Hong Kong Based Cha Family Office  Set to Acquire $118M Palo Alto Building Cha Family continues to grow high end real estate investment portfolio.

Family Office Invests in Absolute Return Fund

Singapore-based family office, BMFA Group, invests $25 million BMFA Group is investing $25 million in an absolute return fund run by CoAssets, a Singapore based fintech company.

Family Office Returns Continue to Rise

Family Offices Continue to Drive Impact Investing Industry Sara Ferrari, Head of Global Family Office at UBS, expressed,  "Family offices have delivered their strongest returns since we began measuring their performance five years ago."

Goldman Sachs Executive Starts Multi Family Office

Gary Hirschberg Leaves Goldman Sachs to Form Aaron Wealth Advisors Gray Hirschberg who had worked at Goldman Sachs since 2006 has left to form his own multi family office. 

Cresset Wealth Advisors Sees Massive AUM Growth

Chicago, IL-based Cresset Wealth Advisors jumped to over USD $3 Billion in AUM The firm, in just over a year since its founding in July 2017, surpassed USD $3 Billion in assets thanks to a number of factors.

Family Offices Becoming Less Secretive, More Open

The family office space was once largely considered secretive and difficult to access, if not inaccessible. Though in recent years, a growing number of firms look to family offices for funding - thanks to its freedom from institutional mandates, long-term staying power, potential for add-on ...

UK University CIO Makes Move to Family Office

Cambridge University CIO Set to Become CEO at London Multi-Family Office Nick Cavalla will leave the university at EOY 2018 to assume his new role at Talisman Global Asset Management, a London, UK-based multi-family office.

Attorneys From NYC PE/Family Office Make "Super Lawyers" List

Sadis & Goldberg LLP Attorneys Named to 2018 New York Super Lawyers List The firm's practice covers financial services, real estate, family offices, hedge funds, venture capital, and private equity, among others. Sadis & Goldberg serves business clients seeking a variety of needs, including ...

Australian MFO Appoints New Family Office Head

Warakirri Asset Management Appoints New Head of Family Office Division Stuart Devlin will lead Warakirri Asset Management's Family Office division, focusing on developing business with ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families in Australia. 9/12/2018

FINTRX CEO Featured In Family Business Magazine

FAMILY OFFICES: 'QUIET CAPITAL' By:   Maureen Milford Original Source: Family Business Magazine Private equity and strategic buyers aren’t the only suitors pursuing family businesses today. Family offices, those low-key organizations formed to manage the wealth of ultra-high-net-worth families, are ...

Indian Music Label's Family Office Invests in Two Startups

As they continue to make their mark in the world of alternative investing, family offices have begun diversifying their investment interests. The family office of Manohar Naidu, owner of South Indian record label Lahari Music, invested an undisclosed amount in two startups as of May 2017. This move ...

Marcus Evans Family Office Summits Announces Partnership With FINTRX

Boston, MA - The Latin America Division of Marcus Evans Private Wealth/Family Office Summits has announced a partnership with FINTRX  the Family Office Platform. The partnership with FINTRX will help align and expand Marcus Evans’ continued push into the family office summit space.

FINTRX Partnership With The International Family Office Association

BOSTON, MA – January 13, 2015 -- Boston, MA and Sydney, Australia – The FINTRX platform, the leading family office intelligence provider and asset-raising CRM technology to the alternative investment industry, and the International Family Office Association (IFOA), the Asian global leader in ...