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June 2023 FINTRX Updates & Additions


We are excited to share the latest developments for FINTRX, the leading family office & registered investment advisor (RIA) data intelligence platform, as we continue to innovate and enhance our data offering and the FINTRX user experience. Continue reading for our product updates and additions from June, along with recent data reports, blogs and information pertaining to the private wealth and investment industry.


FINTRX Product Updates & Additions


Top Custodians & Assets Held Data   Enhancement Tag

Access data for the top 15 qualified custodians by assets held in your custom list columns & data exports.

+ Manipulate, sort, filter and analyze assets by custodian in individual data columns.
+ Seamlessly track and export detailed custodian information for RIA entities.

top custodians by assets



Industry Accolades & Achievements added to FINTRX:

Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors 2023   accolade

Instantly access 7,000+ of Forbes' top wealth advisors in 2023 within FINTRX.

+ Build your own top-performer & relevant prospect lists and get real-time contact updates.

Screen Shot 2023-06-26 at 4.18.31 PM


AdvisorHub's 2023 Advisors to Watch Rankings   accolade

Explore all seven of AdvisorHub's top-performing advisor lists:

+ 100 Advisors to Watch - Over $1B

+ 100 Advisors to Watch - Under $1B

+ 200 Fast Growing Advisors to Watch

+ 100 RIAs to Watch

+ 50 Women Advisors to Watch

+ 100 Solo Advisors to Watch

+ 50 Next-Gen Advisors to Watch

Screen Shot 2023-06-30 at 11.50.47 AM



Recent Industry Reports


May 2023 Family Office & Registered Investment Advisor Data Report

A high-level synopsis of the investment advisory landscape for May including AUM breakdowns, asset class & alternative investment trends, fee structures, geographic breakdowns, family office direct transactions and more.

may '23 family office & RIA data report

Access the report >>



Featured Blogs & Thought Leadership


10 Global Hotspots for Family Offices: Where the Wealthiest Manage Their Assets

10 Global Hotspots for Family Offices Where the Wealthiest Manage Their Assets



Recent Evolutions Across the Family Office Space

recent evolutions across the family office space



Tailored to Your Needs: The Customizable Features of FINTRX

Tailored to Your Needs the Customizable Features of FINTRX



Why Family Offices are Attractive to High-Net-Worth Individuals

Why Family Offices Are Attractive to High-Net-Worth Individuals



Maximizing Returns: Making Data-Driven Investment Decisions with FINTRX

Making Data-Driven Investment Decisions With FINTRX



Check back in monthly for more FINTRX product updates, industry thought leadership pieces and valuable insights into the private wealth & investment data landscape!


- The FINTRX Product Marketing Team

FINTRX is a leading family office and RIA data intelligence platform that provides valuable insights and information to help users grow their businesses and connect with high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors. FINTRX data covers 3,700+ family offices, 20,000+ family office contacts, 40,000+ registered investment advisor entities and 850,000+ registered RIA reps.

We provide detailed profiles of each family office and RIA, including investment preferences, asset allocation, contact information and much more. FINTRX data is powered by millions of sources, both public and private, which are constantly updated and verified by our 70+ person research team as well as a team of experienced data scientists. Equipped with 375+ advanced search and filtering capabilities, FINTRX helps users get to the data they need faster than ever.


For an in-depth exploration of the FINTRX family office & RIA data platform, request a demo below.

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