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Tailored to Your Needs: The Customizable Features of FINTRX


At FINTRX, we understand that every investor has unique needs and preferences when it comes to identifying investment opportunities. That's why our data platform is designed to be highly customizable, allowing users to tailor their searches and identify opportunities that match their specific criteria. In this blog post, we'll explore the customizable features of the FINTRX data platform and how they can help investors achieve better results.


In today's fast-paced business environment, time is of the essence, and access to accurate, up-to-date data is critical for success. This is especially true in the private wealth sector, where relationships are key and insights into potential investors are essential. At FINTRX, we understand the significance of streamlined workflows and simplified processes, which is why we offer an extensive suite of customizable features, including alerts & notifications, lists, notes, tasks, search filters and more. These native custom features enable users to easily access and manage private wealth data, while staying ahead of the competition. In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of these unique features and explore how FINTRX is transforming the world of private wealth data management.


The Customizable Features of FINTRX

Alerts & Notifications

One of the most valuable customizable features of the FINTRX platform is the ability to create alerts and notifications that keep users informed on changes, updates and additions to the data and records they need to track. Users are able to effortlessly keep tabs on new family offices and contacts, RIA rep firm movements, updated emails and phone numbers and more with notifications delivered how they want, when they want. Users can also get real-time updates on new family office direct investment transactions to track venture deals and M&A activity. All alerts can be specified for in-app or email delivery, daily or weekly, and personalized to include only the updates that are relevant to the individual user.

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By utilizing custom alerts and notifications, users can stay informed of key developments related to their target market, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions. These alerts can also serve as a valuable source of intel for sales and marketing professionals, providing insights into potential new business opportunities or areas for growth.


User Dashboard

The user dashboard is an essential feature of FINTRX that provides a high-level snapshot of various FINTRX datapoints and instant access to valuable insights such as new affinity matches, direct transactions, and actionable news. With this feature, users are able to pick and choose the data fields, filters, and metrics they want to see and arrange their dashboard view in a way that makes the most sense for their workflow.


The dashboard is designed to be easily customizable, so users can make updates and changes as needed to tailor their experience to their changing requirements. By utilizing this feature, users can access key information quickly and efficiently, giving them a competitive edge in their prospecting efforts. Whether it's monitoring direct transactions or staying up-to-date with actionable news, the custom dashboard helps users stay on top of their game.


Tasks, Tags, Notes & Custom Properties

FINTRX offers a suite of customizable workflow tools, allowing users to create tasks, tags, notes, and custom properties that are designed to streamline prospecting and deal flow. Having an efficient workflow is essential for successful research and business operations, and these tools provide users with a simple way to organize and prioritize prospecting activities, keep track of important details, and collaborate effectively with their team, ensuring that no opportunities are missed and that all communication is clear and organized. 

Custom properties and tags can be used to indicate a prospect’s pipeline status, assign deal owners, or group entities throughout the platform. These properties are displayed on all entities’ profiles and can be used as search filters for family offices, RIAs, and contacts throughout FINTRX. Users can also add quick notes--such as meeting recaps or personal details--and assign follow-up tasks to entities to keep track of important information and efficiently organize their deal flow.

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FINTRX allows users to customize investor and contact record properties to suit their individual use cases, enabling them to filter and organize entities in a way that makes sense for their business. By providing them with the ability to manage all aspects of their workflow directly within the platform, FINTRX empowers users and their teams to work more efficiently and effectively, ultimately driving better results for their business.


Lists & Folders

Lists and folders provide FINTRX users with an efficient way to organize their data and research, quickly access important information and stay on top of their prospecting efforts. The platform offers various types of lists, including dynamic 'smart' lists that automatically update included records based on the parameters set by the user as well as static lists that are manually populated and managed by the user. 


Additionally, users can customize individual list columns to tailor their list views to the data they need. This can include adding or removing specific columns such as firm location, classification or AUM, or adjusting the order of columns to easily access and analyze the data that is most relevant to each individual user. FINTRX's lists and folders tool offers endless possibilities for harnessing large amounts of data, maximizing productivity and staying organized within the platform.


Saved Search Filters

Finding the right criteria and filters to effectively drill into the millions of private wealth data points can be a time-consuming and frustrating task in the search for potential investors and helpful contacts. FINTRX simplifies this task by allowing users to save search parameters for future use.

Saved Filters

Rather than having to remember what criteria were used to find the right entities and re-selecting individual filters, users can access previously saved filters and instantly apply them to their current search, saving valuable time and keeping searches focused and consistent.



FINTRX users have the ability to mark certain contacts and firms as 'Favorites', providing a quick and easy way to access and organize specific records and important details throughout the platform. Entities marked as favorites are instantly added to a favorites list, making it simple for users to gather firms and contact of interest as they navigate through FINTRX without interrupting their research process. In addition, favorites are linked to the actionable news (see below) portal and provide an additional property by which users can filter and sort all records in their search queries. 


By marking contacts and firms as favorites, users can easily keep track of important information, streamline their workflow, and stay organized, maximizing efficiency and productivity.


Actionable News

With thousands of news articles on the FINTRX platform, finding relevant information may seem like a daunting task, which is why we created our Actionable News feature as a robust tool that grants users instant access to a fully tailored list of articles mentioning investors or contacts they consider important. This could include articles that reference entities saved on any of the user's lists, marked as favorites, or associated with the user's CRM interactions.

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With this feature, users can cut through the noise and extraneous articles to effortlessly stay updated on the latest news regarding their prospects and leverage it to initiate conversations or provide context for meetings and calls using the news as a starting point. Moreover, the actionable news feature makes spotting fresh business opportunities and staying well-informed about industry trends and advancements quick and easy, empowering users to make more informed business decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Discover the power of the FINTRX Family Office & RIA Data Intelligence Platform...

FINTRX Overview

The FINTRX database provides extensive data coverage on both family offices and registered investment advisors (RIAs), with credible information including investment preferences, background information on key decision-makers, asset allocation flows and so much more. FINTRX sources data from both public and private sources, using a team of 70+ researchers to map, compile and validate data daily and ensure accuracy.

The FINTRX platform offers a modern and intuitive interface and numerous analysis tools, charts and graphs as well as daily updates to ensure users have access to the most current and accurate data. Our advanced search capabilities allow users to customize their search criteria to find the most promising prospects and identify potential connections between different firms and individuals. With FINTRX, users can also track market trends, uncover valuable insights and conduct due diligence on potential partners and investment opportunities. By leveraging its advanced and intuitive features, FINTRX makes it easier to find and connect suitable prospects and build successful, long-term relationships.

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