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March 2023 FINTRX Updates & Additions


As always, we're excited to share with you the latest developments and additions to FINTRX, the leading family office & registered investment advisor (RIA) data intelligence platform, as we continue to innovate and enhance our data offering. Here, we'll be highlighting the latest updates and additions that were made in March, along with the most recent data reports, blogs and information pertaining to the private wealth and investment industry.


FINTRX Product Updates & Additions


U.S. Regional Location Search

Segment all family office & RIA locations by their regional location within the US.

+ Map out your entire territory with a single click.
+ Instantly pinpoint firms & contacts in the Southeast, New England, Pacific Northwest and more.
+ Streamline your location searches & increase research efficiency.


FINTRX U.S. Regional Location Search



Rep Firm Movement Data & Tracking

Easily access information on registered contacts' movement between firms in the RIA & Broker Dealer data suite.

+ Keep tabs on new hires at your tracked firms and reps of interest with changes in CRD number associations.
+ Create customized notifications & get real-time alerts when your tracked contacts change or join additional firms.
+ Identify prospects and scope the market based on hiring trends.


FINTRX Rep Firm Movement Data & Tracking


BONUS: Read more about how tracking rep movement can help you stay ahead of the competition and maximize your outreach here >>

why tracking rep movement matters: a deep dive into the fintrx rep movement feature



Tags & Custom Properties Auto-Association

Simplify contact & firm organization by instantly applying tags & custom properties to all related entities within FINTRX.

+ Streamline your workflow and make prospecting more efficient.
+ Keep your research & data hyper-organized with a single click.


FINTRX Tags & Custom Properties Auto-Association



Branch Location Custom Mile Radius Search

+ Segment contacts & offices using fully customizable mile radius filtering.
+ Drill down into specific rep branch locations for up to five cities or zip codes at a time.


FINTRX branch location custom mile radius search



Investment Bank Firm Classification

Segment & filter into investment banks within the RIA & Broker Dealer data suite.

+ Explore 700+ investment banking institutions with 340,000+ associated contacts.
+ Uncover insights into investment bank data including geographic location, contact information and more.


FINTRX investment bank firm classification



Collateralized Debt & CDO Investment Data

Research RIA & Broker Dealer firms by their alternative investment preferences.

+ Pinpoint entities that are active in Collateralized Debt.
+ Instantly create lists & track activity for relevant firms based on CDO investments.


FINTRX collateralized debt & cdo investment data



Recent Industry Reports


2023 FINTRX Industry Briefing Series - Part One

Get an in-depth look into the previously opaque global family office ecosystem with Part One of our Family Office Industry briefing series in partnership with Charles Schwab.

FINTRX & Charles Schwab 2023 family office industry briefing series

Featured in Part One:

+ The locations & assets of the family office industry as it stands today
+ Industry origins of family office wealth & asset class interest breakdown
+ Direct investment activity and industry trends

Access the report >>



February 2023 Family Office & Registered Investment Advisor Data Report

A high-level synopsis of the investment advisory landscape for February including AUM breakdowns, asset class & alternative investment trends, fee structures, geographic breakdowns, family office direct transactions and more.

FINTRX february 2023 family office & RIA data report

Access the report >>



Featured Blogs & Thought Leadership


The Definitive Guide to the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Ecosystem

the definitive guide to the registered investment advisor (RIA) ecosystem



Why FINTRX is a Must-Have Tool for Asset-Raising Professionals

why FINTRX is a must-have tool for asset-raising professionals



Family Offices & RIAs: A Comparative Analysis

Family offices & RIAs: a comparative analysis



Personalizing Family Office & Investment Advisor Prospecting With FINTRX Affinity Relatability Scores

Personalizing Family Office & Investment Advisor Prospecting With FINTRX Affinity Relatability Scores



The Intersection of Multi-Family Offices and RIAs

the intersection of multi-family offices & registered investment advisors (RIAs)



Check back monthly for more FINTRX product updates, industry thought leadership pieces and valuable insights into the private wealth & investment data landscape!


- The FINTRX Product Marketing Team

FINTRX is a leading family office and RIA data intelligence platform that provides valuable insights and information to help users grow their businesses and connect with high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors. FINTRX data covers 3,600+ family offices, 20,000+ family office contacts, 40,000+ registered investment advisor entities and 850,000+ registered RIA reps.

We provide detailed profiles of each family office and RIA, including investment preferences, asset allocation, contact information and much more. FINTRX data is powered by millions of sources, both public and private, which are constantly updated and verified by our 70+ person research team as well as a team of experienced data scientists. Equipped with 375+ advanced search and filtering capabilities, FINTRX helps users get to the data they need faster than ever.


For an in-depth exploration of the FINTRX family office & RIA data platform, request a demo below.

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