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Jeremy Krantz

Jeremy Krantz is the Director of Marketing at FINTRX

Interview with Toby Thomson, Thomson Private Wealth

Toby is Principal of Thomson Private Wealth based in Mayfair, London. Thomson Private Wealth is dedicated to helping High Net Worth families build and preserve their wealth throughout the generations. Toby started his career over a decade ago in...

Interview with Paul Tracey, Grosvenor Law

Paul has extensive experience in advising high net worth individuals and family offices in the areas of trust and fiduciary disputes. Before joining Grosvenor, Law Paul worked in London, Jersey and Sydney. His multi-jurisdictional background is of...

Interview with Sofia Syed, Keystone Law

Sofia is an employment lawyer, who advises ultra-high-net-worth clients on private staffing and a wide range of other issues. She advises on recruitment, on-going management and termination of staff such as house managers, butlers, close protection...

Interview with Darragh O'Sullivan, DOS & Co. Virtual Family Office

Darragh heads up DOS & Co., the London Virtual Family Office which caters for wealthy families and individuals who have operations, properties or some other physical nexus in London and, for clients from further afield, often in the Alps or the...

Top Family Office Industry Articles From 2018

Family Office Growth In India

Family Office Growth in India is Only Just Beginning

Next generation entrepreneurs exiting their businesses have now begun to focus on wealth creation. The result? Family office adoption.