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Family Office Growth In India

March 20, 2020

Family Office Growth in India is Only Just Beginning

Next generation entrepreneurs exiting their businesses have now begun to focus on wealth creation. The result? Family office adoption.


Family Offices continue to look beyond traditional investment avenues, and this idea is even more evident within the Indian market as the concept of a family office is only in its infancy stage. Key trends driving this growth include ancillary, social and alternative investing strategies. 


  • - Ancillaries Investment - Family offices are keen to evaluate assets that contribute to their actual businesses, which could include startup.
  • - Social Investment - In the past, social investment revolved around donations to charities. Now, allocations are seen within socially responsible companies where profit is not the motive. 
  • - Alternative Investments - Popular asset classes and strategies include hedge funds, distressed assets, arbitrage opportunities and long-short funds.

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Written by: Jeremy Krantz

Jeremy Krantz is the Director of Marketing at FINTRX

Jeremy Krantz
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