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Russ D'Argento

Russ D'Argento is Founder & CEO of the FINTRX Platform.

Why Tracking Rep Movement Matters: A Deep Dive into the FINTRX Rep Movement Feature

In the registered investment advisor (RIA) industry, keeping tabs on employee movement is crucial for staying ahead of the competition and identifying potential leads. Whether you're a recruiter looking for top talent or a salesperson seeking new...

The Intersection of Multi-Family Offices and RIAs

The world of private wealth is complex and ever-evolving. As both multi-family offices (MFOs) and registered investment advisors (RIAs) continue to grow in popularity, the overlap between the two is becoming increasingly apparent. In this blog post,...

Personalizing Family Office & Investment Advisor Prospecting With FINTRX Affinity Relatability Scores

One of the biggest hurdles that many professionals face when trying to develop new business relationships is getting past the initial barriers of unfamiliarity and lack of trust. This is particularly true in the financial services industry, where...

Announcing Our $9M Series A Funding

Note from our founder & CEO, Russ D'Argento:I am extremely excited to announce that we’ve raised $9 million in our Series A Funding Round, led by successful entrepreneur, Jason Krantz, Founder & CEO of publicly traded Definitive Healthcare (Nasdaq:...

The Definitive Guide to Family Offices

Like any vertical dealing with the ultra-wealthy, every family office is unique in set-up and structure, with each requiring a different combination of services depending on the wants and needs of their clientele. This makes defining the murky world...

FINTRX Family Office Industry Report Released | Part 1 of 3

We are excited to share part 1 of our 3 part Global Family Office Report, sponsored by Charles Schwab. In this report, you will find a detailed look into the geographic breakdown and asset distribution of the global family office ecosystem.

Family Offices Continue Moving Towards Direct Investments

The Rise of Direct Investments Among Family Offices

New Release: Family Office Buy-Side Platform

FINTRX Buy-Side Has Arrived!

2,000+ Family Offices & Counting...

The family office landscape is a forever moving target. The rapid growth trend of newly minted family offices has certainly kept us busy here at FINTRX. With each passing day we continue to keep our pulse on the family office echo system and its...

New Release: FINTRX Family Office IQ