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New Release: FINTRX Family Office IQ



IQ - Introductions

FINTRX IQ - Introductions combines comprehensive family office intel with AI, allowing users to visually tap into their entire network to see how they, or any of their colleagues personally relate to each contact within the product.

Quick Hitters:

  • Visually leverage your personal and extended network within FINTRX
  • Receive alerts when your network tree extends to any family office
  • Be presented with who in your network can directly connect you with each family office
  • Explore your warm introduction pool from search results and profile pages

IQ Introductions Gif

IQ - Dynamic Lists

FINTRX IQ - Dynamic Lists introduces a new list 'type' within the product. Dynamic lists leverage our native matching algorithms - which automatically update your lists based on custom set filters. Simply create a dynamic list, set your filters that will drive the list moving forward & let FINTRX do the rest.

Quick Hitters:

  • - Leverage our native matching algorithms to auto update your lists
  • - Have your lists grow automatically over time as our research team adds family offices that meet your filters
  • - Set up custom email alerts for each dynamic list
  • - Create dynamic lists in bulk from the dynamic family office search page

FINTRX Family Office IQ

Click below for additional information on how FINTRX IQ can further increase your family office investor reach.


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