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FINTRX Family Office Industry Briefing Series

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FINTRX Charles Schwab Family Office


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About The Report

Welcome to our Family Office Industry Briefing Series, produced in partnership with Charles Schwab. Part 3 of 3 of this report provides an insightful look into the professionals that make up the global family office ecosystem.


The research contained within this report has been built with a bottom-up approach from our extensive family office dataset, as opposed to traditional small-sample survey data. As a result, we are able to share, for the very first time, robust and detailed insights into this impactful and previously opaque family office sector.



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"As a proud sponsor, I would like to congratulate Russ and his FINTRX team on the launch of the Industry Briefing Series, which provides valuable research and insight into the family office community."

Eddie Brown Charles Schwab

Eddie Brown
National Managing Director & Head of Schwab Advisor Family Office

  • Live

    Mapping the location & assets of the family office ecosystem

    • Single Family Office & Multi Family Office breakdowns by region

    • Assets under management distribution reports

    • Analysis of family wealth origins by key industries

    • Insights on family office exposure by asset class

    • Key differences & trends within the Single Family Office vs. Multi Family Office markets


  • Live

    Analyzing Family Office Direct Investment Activity

    Detailed breakdown of family office direct investment activity

    Family office attribution by location, size, and industry

    Analysis on family office industry of wealth creation & correlation to future investment activity

    Deep dive into recent direct investment activity trends

    Interview with Paul Ferguson of Charles Schwab


  • Live

    Mapping the professionals that make up the family office ecosystem

    • Breakdown of professionals by region

    • Average family office professional tenure by type and office location

    • Age attribution by location

    • Analysis of top universities fueling the family office talent pool

    • Breakdown of asset management companies driving the greatest family office adoption


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"FINTRX offers highly detailed profiles of prospective family office investors, all information is up-to-date - a very high ROI database for our firm." - Matt Lusins, Convergence Investments

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"To date, I have already received an investment from a family office that originated from FINTRX that I had no prior connection to whatsoever." - Kevin Dahwyler, Measure 8 Venture Partners


"FINTRX is a very strong platform if you wish to reach the family office community. If you are thinking of finding the right Family office for your investment, start searching here." - Marc Dubois, ING Bank

Launched in early 2014, FINTRX is the leading Family Office data and research solution to the private capital markets and alternative investment industry.

FINTRX combines over half a million data points on 13,000+ Family Office professionals and more than 3,000+ unique Family Offices globally.

Built with the asset raising professional in mind, FINTRX features state-of-the art data exploration and visualization tools, engineered to provide the most efficient and effective means of targeting Family Office LPs.