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What's new

Discover our latest updates, new features, platform enhancements and more!

What's New

On Deck For 2020 Q4

May 2020

New Functionality

  • New Exporting custom time period - in which downloads can be set to be replenished on a curated time frame (daily, weekly, monthly, annually, etc.).
  • Added ability to roll over unused exports into the next term.

Updates & Enhancements

  • Updated permissions module within the Account Settings to reflect remaining exports & expiration date of current exporting period.

April 2020

New Functionality

  • New Custom Fields utility - directly search by custom fields within an individual list's search bar. Users can immediately pinpoint investors & contacts labeled with specific custom field selections inside of lists. 

custom fields search bar

Updates & Enhancements

  • Updated CRM functionality - additional custom investor types listed for users importing external investors. 
  • Enhanced accessibility for importing investors & contacts into the FINTRX CRM -optionality with required fields for data import.

March 2020

New Functionality

  • New Alert Builder - giving users the ability to granularly customize the frequency, content & management of the notifications driven from their FINTRX profile & preferences. Users can opt in for specific updates on new investors, new contacts, Favorites, Dynamic lists, & Affinity matches.

2020-03-19 09.48.04

  • Addition of the Alert Log within the Alert Builder module - repository of all FINTRX alerts. No updates will fall through the cracks as users can go back and see all historical FINTRX notifications. Search bar, date range & filters give users the ability to efficiently parse through all updates! 

2020-03-19 10.02.36

Updates & Enhancements

  • Restructured & enhanced user-curated email updates based on user's alert preferences.

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 9.43.42 AM

  • Updated menu changes on both Desktop & Mobile interfaces - bell icon allows users to quickly view new alerts. Exponent indicates number of new alerts - and in selecting the bell, the user will be redirected to the Alert log.
    • Desktop Bell 

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 10.48.45 AM

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 10.50.59 AM
    • Mobile Bell 



February 2020

New Functionality

  • New Affinity team integration capabilities - providing users with the ability to leverage their team members' connections. Select which team members you'd like to include in a search. Filter by individual scores or selected team members' total aggregate score.

2020-03-19 13.07.31

  • New FINTRX Affinity Extender Seats - Add shell profiles for colleagues in which you would like to tap into their network via FINTRX Affinity. Expand your web and leverage meaningful points of connection by team members beyond those with FINTRX licenses. 
  • New Data Sharing Preferences within the Account Settings - giving users the ability to select exactly what and with whom they'd like to share with their team members within FINTRX.
  • Addition of filters within the Interactions module of each investor dossier. Users can easily pinpoint and filter their team's CRM activity by the following:
    • Activity Type
    • Owner
    • Date
    • Keyword

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 9.04.01 AM

Updates & Enhancements

  • Updated owner identifier within Interactions module - user's headshot associated to each individual activity. Quickly view which team member logged the interaction by seeing their picture under the "Owner" column.

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 7.02.50 PM

January 2020

New Functionality

  • New Favorites feature - providing users with the ability to "star" investors, contacts and private companies that peak their interest. Users can filter search results by favorites, sort lists by favorites - and access all of their starred prospects in their dynamic favorites list.

2020-01-14 09.28.57

  • Launch of the FINTRX News Portal - providing users with the ability to keep up to date on all news pertaining to their prospects and in the alternative wealth space. Bookmark and filter news by type, industry, family offices, specific contacts and more.

2020-01-20 14.23.29

  • Addition of FINTRX News Portal on mobile version in additional to desktop application. 
  • New "Related Articles" within the Power Search on desktop & mobile applications - access all news correlating to search results.
Image 1-29-20 at 9.02 AM
  • Addition of the ability to search for specific news within the Smart Search bar at the top of the platform.
  • New Client Success point of contact direct access within the platform by expanding the drop-down menu at the top right-hand corner of the platform.

Image 1-29-20 at 9.08 AM

Updates & Enhancements

  • Updated mobile app list filter - filter over entire teams' lists to only display "My Lists" & quickly populate only the lists that you created on mobile.
  • Enhanced Smart Search functionality on mobile version - search by list name to quickly access lists.

December 2019

New Functionality

  • New FINTRX Affinity feature - providing users with the direct insights into their commonalities with contacts throughout the entire platform. Relatability scores and custom conversation starters generated by algorithms are updated every day and continue to get smarter and stronger. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 2.11.55 PM

  • Addition of "AUM & Accounts" module - outlining historical and present AUM & account trends for multi family offices. 

2019-12-27 14.51.10

  • Inclusion of in-app walk throughs and how-tos to provide users with in-app instant assistance in addition to connecting with their dedicated client success rep. 
  • New past investments search filter within the Power Search module - users can search by the country of which private funded companies are domiciled.

Updates & Enhancements

  • Enhanced dynamic list customization, where users can now go back and rename any of their dynamic lists. 


November 2019

New Functionality

  • Addition of the ability to export individual investor profiles as a PDF document. Link to PDF export is conveniently located directly within each individual family office dossier. 
  • Complete release of the "Previously Associated Contacts" module within global family office profiles.  Users can now view past employees in addition to current contacts. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 8.55.15 AM

  • New "Affiliated Family Office Entities" module provides users with full transparency of family offices linked together by spinoffs or mergers. 

Updates & Enhancements

  • Improved Custom Field reporting functionality - the addition of the "Enable Reporting" field within Custom Field builder provides users with the ability run queries off of custom field selections. 

October 2019

New Functionality

  • Addition of the ability to create dynamic funded company lists - in which users can build out lists of private companies receiving family office dollars that are auto-updated with new additions and updates.  
  • New "Investor News & Multi-Media" module within all global family office profiles. Links will be provided to all general mentions, investment activity, new hire publications and more of the family office at hand.

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 2.44.58 PM


Updates & Enhancements

  • Increased filtering and organization capabilities for user imported data
  • Enhanced ability to track prospecting activity with the FINTRX CRM.
  • Evolved Search Vision utility - users can now view all funded companies within the Search Vision map.

September 2019

New Functionality

  • Addition of the ability to built sublists and add investors/contacts to from an existing list to a new list.
  • New "industry wealth origin" search filter - providing users with the ability to generate single family office search results based on their industry wealth origin.

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 2-43-25 PM

  • New "founded date" data field within family office profiles - identifying the year the family office was established.
  • Included of "founded date" as a filter within the Power Search module.

Updates & Enhancements

  • Evolved list addition functionality - users can individually add family offices as well as family office contacts directly to a list.
  • Enhanced Search Vision utility - users can now implement search filters directly within the Search Vision map, displaying search results on the map in addition to listed results. 

August 2019

New Functionality

  • New contact responsibilities section within contact records - outlining each contact's role within their firm, and providing users with access to quickly pinpoint the most applicable contact for their outreach.
  • Introduction of the "does not contain" search filter within the Power Search module - providing the ability to parse through data by strategy that works in reverse. Users can generate results that do not meet any of the parameters listed. 
  • Full release of the FINTRX Mobile App - the entire FINTRX platform becomes accessible for all users on the go - formatted specifically and seamlessly for small screens with all of the core features and convenience!

Linkedin Post Template-1

Updates & Enhancements

  • Enhanced mile radius search functionality within the Power Search module. 
  • Improved Tags feature with the ability to now add and remove Tags in bulk.
  • Evolved Custom Fields functionality with the ability to add Custom Fields in bulk.

July 2019


New Functionality

  • New impact investor data field - identifying investors that have disclosed interest in ESG/impact investing. 
  • Inclusion of impact search filter within Power Search module - users can filter search results by impact investors.

Updates & Enhancements
  • Revamped keyword/phrase querying functionality across the entire family office data set - last 10 keywords/phrases will save for users to easily reimplement within a search.

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 9.25.00 AM

  • Enhanced customization capabilities within lists - users can reorder list columns as well as add additional columns to display within all investor and contact lists.

June 2019

New Functionality

  • Addition of green circle list indicator - users will now be alerted with a visual marker whenever an investor or contact already lives on at least one of their personal or team-members' lists.
  • New "Recently Added" sort implemented within the Power Search - users can filter search results to generate investors and contacts added to the platform within the last 30, 90 or 180 days. 
  • Introduction of "Investment Committee Member" field - classifying contacts that are decision makers.

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 9.29.03 AM

  • Addition of "Investment Committee Member" search filter within the Power Search - filter search results to contacts that have been identified as decision makers. 
  • New profile anchors at the top of each investor dossier provide shortcuts to each profile section to save time and scrolling!
  • Addition of Keyword Search Bar within Power Search module - filter through investor profiles by keywords/phrases. Keywords/phrases within resulting profiles will be highlighted in a glowing purple fashion for efficiency.


Updates & Enhancements

  • Enhanced client in-app support - in-app chat feature gives all users the ability to ping the customer success team without having to leave the platform.
  • Improved utility of Markups feature - ability to delete all Markups in bulk across the entire platform within user Account Settings.

May 2019

New Functionality

  • New search preview implemented throughout the entire platform - plug in any combination of search filters on any page and view the number of investors, contacts and companies in results. One click link to formally run search within the Power Search module.
  • Addition of Markups feature for customization - directly highlight and comment within all investor profiles. Tag colleagues within comments to collaborate and share investors as well as notes. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 9.42.40 AM

  • Complete revamp of Smart Search feature - inclusion of pre-populated shortcuts as well as a listing of recent viewed searches to promote efficiency and access.

Updates & Enhancements

  • Increased response time & platform speed across all modules within the platform.
  • Enhanced prospect & dynamic list builder - streamlined layout for creating new lists with ease. 

April 2019

New Functionality

  • Addition of family office AUM size listed on investor search result cards within the Power Search - access investor's AUM without launching their full profile. 
  • New Dossier Builder feature - comprehensive merged profile exports in PDF format. These portfolios are perfect for meeting prep and accessing investor data offline.

2019-12-27 14.37.18

Updates & Enhancements

  • Revamped Account Settings for seamless access and management of user preferences and alerts. 
  • Facelift to display prompt of adding custom activities and events for CRM interaction logging.

March 2019

New Functionality

  • Addition of personalized My Feed on the home dashboard - users can filter the Live Feed of updates and additions to view updates solely pertaining to investors and contacts they've already added to at least one of their lists.

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 2.31.49 PM

  • New co-investment search filter within the Power Search - users can target investors that have specifically disclosed interest in co-investment opportunities with other family offices.
  • Release of Salesforce plugin - providing users with the ability to add Salesforce as an integration with their FINTRX account. The customized integration provides the same sleek and intuitive look and feel of the FINTRX platform - with access to full investor profiles within Salesforce.

Updates & Enhancements

  • Improved personalization capabilities within the account settings - users can now customize their unique identifier throughout the platform (initials, first name, nickname, etc.) 
  • Redesigned user import system - providing users with a more seamless pathway to import their own investor and contact data into the FINTRX platform.

February 2019

New Functionality

  • New Dynamic List feature - users have the ability to build auto-updated lists with FINTRX AI technologies. Users set list criteria initially, while dynamic functionality keeps them up-to-date moving forward, eliminating all of the leg work!
  • Complete implementation of sidebars throughout the entire platform - links to investor profiles within lists, searches, etc. come in from a sidebar on the right-hand side of the page instead of bringing you to to an entirely new URL. This provides a dual-screen type view and users won't lose their place on the previous listing. 
  • Investor Dossier Previews added upon hovering your cursor over an investor's name - access a quick snapshot of any family office throughout the platform before launching their full profile.

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 1.06.56 PM

  • Addition of the ability to filter lists within teams by list type and list owner. 

Updates & Enhancements

  • Facelift to Family Office News functionality on the home dashboard with the ability to filter news publications by topics within the alternative wealth space. 
  • Advanced capabilities within Search Vision - view individual investor lists within the search vision map! Link to switch list view to search vision map directly within excel-style lists.

January 2019

New Functionality

  • Addition of a new map within Search Vision - providing users with the ability pinpoint investor locations right down to the street level view. Users also now have the ability to run searches at this granular geographic level.

Search Vision Gif

  • New direct investment analytics tool - the Heat Map gives users the functionality to segment and generate family office direct deal listings by industry, total amount raised, stage of investment and company size.
  • Addition of list and conferences search capabilities within the Power Search. Run searches within existing lists as well as conference attendee lists - and create targeted sublists. 


Updates & Enhancements

  • Crowd Edit functionality extended to all clients - users can directly submit investor & contact submissions to our research team. Users can also suggest changes and revisions directly within investor profiles.
  • Enhanced account personalization - users have the ability to customize their avatar and upload their headshot within Account Settings.

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