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Family office & registered investment advisor data for

FINTRX lets you define what constitutes a core, power, and casual user, and conduct analysis on your own terms. Visualize differences in 

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Efficiently Source Private Wealth Real Estate Investors

real estate fund investors

Family Office & RIA Data

Tailored For Real Estate Firms

Join the hundreds of real estate asset managers who trust our unparalleled data and intuitive prospect management tools to source private wealth investors.
RIA real estate investors

Source Real Estate Direct Deal & Fund Investors

Save time by prospecting into the right allocators at the right time


Uncover LP's That Invest In Your Real Estate Strategy

Pinpoint the right LP's that have an interest in your real estate strategy


Access to Real Estate Research Decision Makers

Find and access the specific decision makers responsible for making new real estate investment decisions

Your Real Estate Fund Raising Questions Answered

FINTRX solves for critical questions, such as... 
Which family offices invest in our real estate strategy?


Which RIA's allocate to our fund strategy?


Who has recently invested in
real estate funds like ours?


Who in my network can introduce me to the right real estate contacts?


We help real estate firms
Source private wealth investors

JPI Partners
Novaya Ventures
Unico Properties
Lloyd Jones
Virtu Investments
Sante Real Estate

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Target family office and investment advisors allocating to hedge funds

Book more meetings, increase efficiency, and expand your network