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How Ouroboros Group Leverages FINTRX


Year Founded

Financial Services


New York, NY


Ouroboros Group


Founded in 2017, Ouroboros Group is a private investment firm that specializes in middle-market corporate acquisitions and operations and works within a diverse set of industries, including manufacturing,


healthcare and Consumer goods. Ouroboros also has a branch that specializes in early-stage and minority investments within the consumer goods vertical.

"Wonderful platform that has produced high-quality capital leads and has helped in building out our capital pipeline for existing and future investments."

Samantha Ory
Founder & General Partner, Ouroboros Group

Case Study

Ouroboros Group is a private investment firm specializing in middle-market corporate acquisitions and operations. The firm works within a diverse set of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer goods.
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Their Challenge

For those looking for co-investment opportunities, the largely untapped family office space offers a wealth of resources. Family office funding is seen as incredibly desirable thanks to its exemption from institutional mandates, long-term staying power, and general flexibility. However, family offices are notoriously difficult to infiltrate, and it can be extremely difficult to identify relevant contacts. These were the issues facing Ouroboros Group in their search for co-investment prospects.

Despite having worked with family offices in the past and being familiar with the ecosystem, Ouroboros Group was looking to expand their rolodex of family office contacts. The firm eventually turned to the FINTRX Private Wealth Data & Research Platform, which would enable them to identify family offices that were looking for co-investment opportunities within the same industries as they were.


The Outcome

By partnering with FINTRX, Ouroboros Group was able to substantially expand their network and make connections with family offices that are well-matched for their investment goals. FINTRX provided the resources needed to effectively drill into the obscure family office ecosystem.

Ultimately, Ouroboros Group was able to successfully leverage FINTRX's vast dataset of over 3,700+ investors and 19,500+ family office contacts to expand their network and garner profitable financing partnerships in the family office space.


"FINTRX has greatly assisted in the expansion of our family office network, thus allowing quality capital connections to be made." - Samantha Ory, Founder & General Partner at Ouroboros Group

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