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Streamline Your Prospecting Efforts


Prospecting Made Easy

Our custom suite of tools allow for seamless management of your family office prospects - leverage the power of our native asset raising solutions for saved time & increased efficiency. 

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Team collaboration

Easily collaborate with team members within the FINTRX platform - share list, notes, and task - ensuring everyone on your team is on the same page.



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Merge your vendors

Reduce fragmentation and centralize all of your prospecting tools and communications in one platform: FINTRX.


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records Built Over time

FINTRX automatically keeps track of you and your team's annotations, highlights - making all data easily accessible so you never lose track of key intel.

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3 Common Challenges FINTRX Solves For Our Clients Targeting Family Offices

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Investor Organization Overview

Our integrated asset raising tools have been engineered with one thing in mind: optimal family office prospecting organization. Responsive, dynamic, and tailored to your needs.


Keep everything in one place using notes by documenting how a call or meeting went, what you discussed and much more.

Tags & Custom Fields

Tags are short, virtual sticky notes that can help you add your information. Manage your prospects by using custom fields, enabling you to better customize the platform to your workflow and needs.

Dynamic Prospect Lists

Save your search results into refined and manageable lists. Use our algorithms to keep your dynamic lists fresh -  with new and updated family office intel as our research team continues to augment our data each day.

Tasks & Events

Easily set convenient task reminders and scheduled events, helping you optimize your pipeline management. 

Notes & Custom Fields

"Earlier this year I was finally in a position to sign up with FINTRX and I am thrilled that I did. It is a fantastic product for networking and capital raising efforts."

Miguel A. Triay, G.A. Baird Partners

Strategic Business Development

Miguel A. Triay, G.A. Baird Partners testimonial

Built for the asset raising professional. Engineered for efficiency.