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New Release: FINTRX 2.0

March 20, 2020

FINTRX 2.0 - We are excited to announce the release of FINTRX 2.0, the most powerful iteration of our flagship family office capital raising solution. This release includes a number of new additions and improvements. Continue reading for further insight...

A few quick hitters regarding FINTRX 2.0:

  • - Enhanced family office news and market awareness coverage
  • - Redesigned user interface and user experience
  • - Revamped family office search and filter options
  • - Increased team collaboration with list transparency and last update clarity 
  • - More comprehensive interaction tracking via the newly designed 'interactions' module for all family office investors

FINTRX 2.0 mockup 2FINTRX 2.0 v1 mockup







Click below for additional information on how FINTRX further increase your family office investor reach.


Written by: Russ D'Argento

Russ D'Argento is Founder & CEO of the FINTRX Platform.

Russ D'Argento
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