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How Aventurine Leverages FINTRX

FINTRX helps Aventurine drive their family office relationships


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The exponential growth of family offices around the world means an increasing number of people now view these groups as a preferred source of capital. However, despite becoming key players throughout the alternative investment stage, finding relevant and actionable data on family offices often proves to be challenging and time consuming. Traditionally positioned as a private pool of LP's, it is often difficult to garner family office introductions without personal affiliations. This was an obstacle that Aventurine faced, ultimately leading them to seek out the FINTRX data and research platform as a way to overcome this prospecting hurdle.


"FINTRX collaborates with you to meet your family offices objectives." 


Ted Hillinson Head Shot

Ted Hillinson

Partner - Business Development

Why Aventurine Chose FINTRX

Due to the opaqueness of the family office landscape, it can be difficult to identify direct contacts within a particular firm. One particular advantage that Aventurine found in FINTRX was its extensive profiles on over 11,500+ family office contacts worldwide. By having access to information such as direct emails, phone numbers, biographies, outlined investment responsibilities and records of past employment, Aventurine has a "direct connection with family office decision makers" to which they can engage with. This research not only saves the Aventurine team valuable time, but it ensures they are reaching out to individuals best suited for their specific needs. 

Feedback on Using FINTRX

Today, Aventurine is actively using FINTRX to prospect and interact with the extensive dataset of 3,000+ investor firms and 11,500+ family office professionals. When asked about how FINTRX has helped meet their capital raising goals, Ted Hillinson offered, "...in so many ways with phenomenal customer service"

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