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The Rise of Family Offices: A Landscape Breakdown

Over the past 50 years, the number of Family Offices across the globe has risen substantially, becoming the preferred vehicle for the ultra-wealthy to direct their net worth.

Discover the history of Family Offices, the nuances between SFOs and MFOs, and the spread of Family Offices across the globe, by region.


Predicting Family Office Investments w/ Intelligent Data

For the very first time, we are able to share robust insights into the hard-to-reach, yet economically highly significant Family Office sector. We've identified that understanding the industry or way in which the principal made his or her wealth is often an important insight into how the Family Office might operate and deploy future capital.  Using this intelligent data to predict how these entities will invest is the next frontier.


The Ultimate Guide to Family Offices

How well do you know the Family Office sector? From a fund-raising perspective, Family Offices are increasingly being seen as ideal investors: offering efficiency and streamlined decision-making, large individual check sizes, and often a high degree of flexibility compared to typical investors. It's worth going into the remainder of 2020 with the latest insights into how this sector operates.


Apis Capital Advisors, LLC

With FINTRX, the access to a streamlined family office capital raising solution offered Apis Capital an extensive database of investors and contacts from which they could boost their fundraising efforts. Since utilizing the platform, they have noticed a large increase in family office engagement and an immediate increase in efficiency. Read more about their experience.


Measure 8 Venture Partners

Using FINTRX, Measure 8 received an investment from a family office within the platform. By providing them with significant and wide ranging access to thousands of family offices, they were able to find investors that best matched their unique use case. Read more about their experience.


Convergence Investments

A lack of time and information can cause major inefficiencies when it comes to fundraising within the family office sector. Convergence turned to FINTRX, knowing that the platform's ability to filter through thousands of family offices and contacts to serve up good actionable data would save them both time and money in the long-run. Read more about their experience.


Landmark Capital

Landmark selected the FINTRX platform as their global family office investor solution and firm-wide CRM tool due to their expansive coverage of the family office community and integrated offering. The innovative offering gives the Landmark team a virtually limitless way to market, raise capital, and streamline investor engagement across its team members. Read more about their experience.


Why Family Offices Continue to Shift Towards Direct Investments

At an increasing rate, savvy family offices are plunging into direct investment opportunities to utilize the many advantages they permit. Get your copy of our latest 3-pager to discover the reasons behind the shift towards direct investments and the appeal of direct investments for family offices.


10 Reasons Why Family Offices Make Great Investors

Family office funding is desirable thanks to its freedom from institutional mandates, long-term staying power, frequent potential for add-on fundraising and general flexibility. Understanding the reasons behind what makes family offices ideal investors can be a game-changer in terms of wealth preservation and wealth expansion. 


5 Effective Ways to Tackle the Family Office Market

Uncover specific to-dos and effective action items in these five areas to increase investor engagement for every pitch. Download our guide to understand the landscape inside and out, find commonalities and expound on them, practice consistent and polite follow up, create value to stand out, know the "why" of the family office you're approaching.


Family Offices Continue to Get Younger & Trend Toward Impact Investing

Though the concept of impact investing is in no way a new idea, the drastic increase of younger investors inheriting enormous quantities of wealth has catalyzed the demand for environmental, social and governance investing. As a result, more funds are beginning to tailor their investment strategies to accommodate this increasing demand.


3 Common Challenges Targeting Family Offices

We believe there is no reason why outdated data, disparate point solutions in your tech stack, or an uncertainty around whether you're fully enabled to do your job should be getting in your way. We're committed to bringing a whole new level of transparency and security to those tackling the family office market. 


Family Office Industry Briefing Series

Q1 2020 - In partnership with Charles Schwab, the research contained within this report has been built with a bottom-up approach from our extensive family office dataset, as opposed to traditional small-sample survey data. We are pleased to be able to share, for the very first time, robust and detailed insights into this impactful and previously opaque family office sector.


The Allure of Real Estate Investing for Family Offices

According to the 2019 UBS Global Family Office Report, 73% of family offices invest in real estate - both residential and commercial. Discover the six key elements that make real estate investments so appealing to Family Offices; cash flow, appreciation, control, tax efficiency, portfolio diversification, and community benefits. Read the details in our 3-page deep dive.


The 2020 Family Office Hedge Fund Activity Report

Hedge fund allocations from the fast-growing family office sector are set to increase.  Hedge fund managers need to be proactive and strategic in order to connect with the wealthy and encourage them to invest.  Dive into this 12-page Industry Data Report to discover exclusive insights built in a bottom-up approach, derived from our extensive global dataset. 


Three Family Offices Investing in Blockchain

Utilizing our family office data and research platform, FINTRX has uncovered three family offices investing in blockchain technology and crypto-related projects. Discover more on these specific family offices in our brief 2-pager. 


Three Family Offices Investing in Cannabis

Family offices around the world are fueling the growth of the cannabis industry, and this trend is likely to continue. Oftentimes, family offices seek opportunities to invest in new, upcoming markets that can offer outsized returns. Discover three specific family offices that previously invested in cannabis in this industry brief. 


Five Family Offices Making Impact Investments

Impact investing has experienced immense growth in the last decade, outperforming the benchmark for eight out of the last 10 years, according to the MSCI ESG Leaders Index. Utilizing FINTRX, our family office data and research platform, which covers hundreds of families active in ESG/impact investments, we've shared five family offices making impact investments across an array of industries, sectors, and asset classes.

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