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How Foxfield Leverages FINTRX

Boston, MA


Real Estate

Investment Focus





Foxfield is a leading real estate investment firm based in Boston. Since 2011, the firm has been a recognized visionary in real estate investing, providing its clients with a strategic point of view backed by solid leadership.


Foxfield leverages proprietary market relationships and actively seeks out exceptional real estate opportunities based on the tenured market opinion, deep synergies of expertise, and balanced perspectives of its senior management team.

"FINTRX has transitioned our approach with technology, enabling us to cultivate a new level of relationships both in the Investment Advisor and Family Office markets. We've leveraged the deep dive intelligence of FINTRX to expand our spider web of connections and grow cold relationships into robust long-term conversations."

Shawn Hawthorne
Shawn Hawthorne
Portfolio Manager & Principal of Investor Relations, Foxfield

Case Study

Foxfield is a leading real estate investment firm based in Boston. The firm leverages proprietary market relationships and actively seeks exceptional real estate opportunities...
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Their Challenge

Prior to leveraging FINTRX, Foxfield took a passive approach to the Family Office and Registered Investment Advisor ecosystem, relying on personal introductions to stimulate organic growth. As an experienced Commercial Real Estate Firm, Foxfield turned to FINTRX to help shift their strategy to an active approach hoping to build stronger, more impactful relationships with family office investors. Given the challenges associated with targeting the private wealth market, Shawn Hawthorne of Foxfield explains this challenge;


"If I look historically, Foxfield's family office and RIA network have always been based on the human introduction which is an organic growth model, and it works, but it's slow. When we adopted FINTRX, and again it's really that active effort, we were able to proactively reach out, something that we simply just didn't do prior to using FINTRX." - Shawn Hawthorne at Foxfield

The Outcome

The Foxfield team leverages our dataset of over 3,200+ family offices, 38,500+ registered investment advisory firms, and 750,000+ registered reps on a daily basis.

As a multi-data-subscription customer of FINTRX, Foxfield continues to strengthen its network while uncovering actionable intelligence and driving long-term connections through warm conversation starters and other useful tools to efficiently target the private wealth landscape.

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