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Understanding the FINTRX RIA Data & Family Office Intelligence Platform


As an investment professional, staying ahead of the curve is essential to achieving success in the private wealth market. But with so much data to sift through, it can be difficult to know where to begin. That's where FINTRX comes in. Our powerful private wealth database solution is designed to help you discover new investment opportunities and connect with the right prospects quickly and effortlessly. In this blog, we uncover key features and functionalities of the FINTRX platform, shedding light on how it can revolutionize the way you connect, research and engage with those in the private wealth arena. 

FINTRX provides a vital resource for financial professionals by offering the most accurate private wealth data intelligence available in the market. Our platform goes beyond traditional data sources, providing comprehensive profiles of RIAsfamily offices and wirehouse and aggregator teams. With advanced search capabilities and seamless integration options, understanding the nuances of our robust platform can unlock a world of opportunities and drive your business forward. Whether you're seeking to expand your client base, strengthen existing relationships or make strategic investment decisions, the FINTRX platform equips you with the insights and tools needed to stay ahead in the competitive landscape of private wealth.


FINTRX Overview

The FINTRX database provides extensive data coverage on both family offices and registered investment advisors, with credible intel including investment preferences, background information on key decision-makers, asset allocation flows and more. FINTRX sources data from both public and private sources and has a team of 75+ researchers who map, validate and compile data daily to ensure its accuracy. The FINTRX platform offers a modern and intuitive interface and numerous analysis tools, charts and graphs. It also provides daily updates to ensure users have access to the most current and accurate data. 

FINTRX search capabilities allow users to customize their search criteria to find the most promising prospects and identify potential connections between firms and individuals. Additionally, users can track market trends, uncover valuable insights and conduct due diligence on potential partners and investment opportunities. With advanced search tools and integration options like Salesforce, HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics 365, FINTRX simplifies incorporating data into existing workflows. FINTRX ultimately makes it easier to find and connect suitable prospects and build successful, long-term relationships.

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Extensive Private Wealth Data Coverage & Tools

The FINTRX database includes essential metrics about family offices and RIAs in the private wealth sector. Below are some of the key data points and tools featured in our financial intelligence solution.

Family Office Data: 4,000 single and multi-family offices and 21,000+ family office contacts; Profiles equipped with information on their investment preferences, assets under management, investment mandates, contact information, the origin of wealth, investment history, geographic focus and much more.

RIA & Broker Dealer Data: 40,000+ registered investment advisor entities, 850,000+ registered representatives; Profiles equipped with their assets under management and investment preferences, as well as rep movement, custodian information, current 13F stock and ETF holdings and more.

Private Wealth Groups Data: Access a comprehensive directory of previously inaccessible wirehouse & independent aggregator teams and the advisors behind them. With access to 14,000+ private wealth groups and 60,000+ reps, users can build lists, export data and leverage FINTRX tools to parse through thousands of data points on private wealth groups.

FINTRX Break Away Rep & Advisor Data: FINTRX provides a central database for tracking advisors transitioning from wirehouses to independent firms using proprietary algorithms to monitor these shifts. Users can easily search and categorize representatives based on their movements and timing.

FINTRX Native CRM Integrations: Seamless integrations with popular CRM systems including HubSpot, Salesforce, Practifi, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Altvia, Jungo & Navatar, plus data warehousing tools like Snowflake; Customizable API data feeds designed to improve data accuracy.

FINTRX 360 LinkedIn Integration: At its core, FINTRX 360 is a sophisticated integration within the FINTRX Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser extensions designed to bridge the gap between your LinkedIn and FINTRX, offering you a robust suite of data intelligence and prospecting capabilities within the LinkedIn platform.

FINTRX Smart Bio's: FINTRX Smart Bio's offer detailed profiles of private wealth contacts, including professional backgrounds, personal interests, affiliations and more. Smart Bios provide a detailed view of industry professionals, from family and hobbies to sports and charity involvement, facilitating authentic connections from the start.

Data Enrichment Tools: Proprietary data enrichment technology allows users to update and enhance their existing data effortlessly. The process enables users to obtain a more complete profile with valuable insights for each firm or contact, ensuring their data remains up-to-date for more effective research & prospecting.

13F Security Holdings Data: FINTRX streamlines the task of monitoring stocks and ETFs by offering metrics like historical performance, price trends, volatility and crucial financial indicators. It also delivers insights into the security holdings of registered investment advisors, assisting in uncovering investment prospects and keeping abreast of shifts in investor portfolios.


Advanced Search & Filtering Options 

FINTRX's advanced search filtering capabilities enable precise searches for family offices and RIAs by criteria such as name, location, investment preferences, AUM and more, helping pinpoint relevant prospects with ease. Equipped with 375+ filtering options, FINTRX is a powerful tool for those looking to discover highly targeted investment opportunities. Users can refine their search for family offices interested in real estate by using the asset class filter, and further narrow results with additional criteria like location or AUM, for instance. Utilizing multiple filters leads to a more focused search, helping to identify relevant investment opportunities and informed targeting of investors. By filtering based on investment preferences, users can pinpoint potential investors with similar strategies or interests in specific asset classes, enhancing deal-making and ultimately improving results.


FINTRX Search Filters

FINTRX filters enable users to search for and identify family offices and RIAs based on various factors such as location, AUM, investment focus, investment style and more. FINTRX search and filtering capabilities include (but are not limited to) the following:

- Keyword search
- Location + within radius
- Region, country, state & city
- Family office type
- Registration type
- Industry & family wealth origin
- Asset under management (AUM)
- Year founded
- Asset class interest
- Geographic focus
- Active impact investor
- Active in co-investments
- Emerging fund investor
- Progressive investment style
- Size by employees
- Clients served
- Alternatives used

Investment Search Capabilities

- Investment date range
- Company size
- Company state, region & country
- Company sector & industry
- Stage of investment
- Transaction type
- Total amount raised
- Company founded date

Contact/Rep Search Capabilities

- Passions & interests
- Alma mater
- Employment history
- Investment committee member
- Responsibilities
- Position
- C suite executive
- Gender


Analytics & Insights

FINTRX provides a variety of analytics and insights features to help users leverage their family office and registered investment advisor data intelligence for better targeting, prospecting and sales outcomes. Some of the analytics and insights features available on FINTRX include:

Market Trends & Intelligence: Explore and track trends in the private wealth market, including shifts in investment preferences and asset allocation strategies.

AUM Analysis: Track AUM changes over time across different family offices and RIAs.

Equity & ETF holdings: View and analyze equity and ETF holdings across multiple firms and individuals.

Top Performers: View lists of top-performing family offices and RIAs based on a variety of criteria, including AUM, investment focus and investment style.

Geographic Distribution: Analyze the geographic distribution of family offices and RIAs, including their location (right down to the street level view), regional focus and global reach.

Fundraising Data: View fundraising data for private funds, including target amounts, capital commitments and fundraising progress.

Due Diligence: Conduct due diligence on potential clients and investment opportunities, including verification of individuals and firms, and review of investment preferences and transaction history.



Discover the ease of pinpointing your exact needs with FINTRX AI Search. Whether typing or speaking your query, our AI effortlessly generates the specific results you're looking for. FINTRX AI Search is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that utilizes natural language searching to efficiently drill down into FINTRX's extensive dataset. The tool allows you to find any private wealth data point by simply asking for it in your own words--eliminating the need for manual data filters and sorting. Within seconds, AI Search provides all relevant records, including investors, firms, advisors and contacts, allowing you to refine your search further, build lists, manage prospecting tools, highlight personal connections and so much more.

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FINTRX AI Search Equips You With:

- Constant access to AI Search, platform-wide (with full access to all family offices, investment advisors, wealth groups and contacts)
- Query into personal and team lists
- Pre-populated suggested search prompts and saved custom searches
- Single-click access to former classmates and Affinity relatability matches


The FINTRX RIA Data & Family Office Intelligence Platform stands as a pivotal resource for professionals navigating the intricate landscape of private wealth management. Its extensive database and analytical tools are designed to uncover the true potential of the private wealth market, ensuring no opportunity is overlooked. As the financial industry continues to evolve, the FINTRX platform remains an essential asset for those seeking to excel in the realm of private wealth management.


FINTRX is a unified family office and RIA database that provides comprehensive data intelligence on 850,000+ family office and investment advisor records, ultimately designed to help asset-raising professionals identify, access and map the global private wealth ecosystem. Find relevant decision-makers in a snap with powerful search filters and queries. Uncover the data you need, when you need it and filter through areas of investment interest, AUM, asset flows, intent signals, potential associates and much more. FINTRX sources data from both public and private sources and has a team of 75+ researchers who map, validate and compile data daily to ensure its accuracy.

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