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FINTRX Launches Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration


FINTRX is proud to announce the newest addition to its native CRM data integrations: Microsoft Dynamics 365. Leveraging FINTRX integrations offers a strategic advantage for clients and prospects, streamlining data management processes and providing comprehensive family office & RIA insights. This newest integration with Microsoft Dynamics is specifically designed to empower industry professionals with the tools and data to simplify workflows and make smarter business decisions.

One of the cornerstones of FINTRX's dedication to providing  a best-in-class user experience for industry professionals seeking better access to private wealth data intelligence is native CRM integration capability. FINTRX offers seamless data integrations with popular CRM systems such as Salesforce, HubSpotNavatar and more, allowing users to access FINTRX's comprehensive family office & RIA data directly within their existing workflow, saving valuable time and enhancing data insights. With the addition of the newest FINTRX native CRM integration, Microsoft Dynamics 365, users can now leverage all of the tools and data of FINTRX directly within their daily tech stack.


Bespoke Private Wealth Data Delivered Directly to Dynamics 365

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Dynamics 365 Integration: An Overview

FINTRX integrations provide access to comprehensive family office and RIA data directly within users' existing CRM systems and workflows. This data includes detailed insights on investment preferences & activity, AUM & accounts, investment portfolios, growth signals, direct rep & advisor contact information and much more. By integrating FINTRX data directly with Dynamics 365, users are empowered to drive more business with enhanced data insights and streamlined workflows at their fingertips. Additionally, FINTRX integrations offer custom mapping options for each data field, ensuring that data is properly formatted and seamlessly integrated.

Integration Includes:

- 200+ available firm & contact fields
- Customized data syncs and mapping options for all fields
- Real-time data updates within Dynamics CRM


- Lists, firms & contacts 
- Firm & contact news mentions
- Detailed firm investment activity
- Contact passions & interests


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Key Features of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration:

+ Seamless access to the expansive suite of FINTRX data--including family office, investment advisor, and broker dealer entities, contacts & custom lists--natively within Microsoft Dynamics CRM

+ Efficient prospecting & relationship management for FINTRX entities directly within Dynamics CRM

+ Real-time data updates ensuring consistent and accurate information at all times

+ Complete control of synced records & lists, data mapping and team-wide syncing permissions

Keep Track of:

- Investment preferences such as asset class, industry, geography & stage of investment
- New direct investments & co-investments
- Changes investment portfolios & current holdings
- New fundraising activity
- Rep & advisor firm movement
- Changes in contact information such as email addresses & phone numbers 
- News mentions related to family offices and investment advisors
- Family office or RIA attendance at industry conferences


In an ever-evolving private wealth landscape, where rapid changes take place daily, maintaining accurate and consistent data across platforms is crucial. FINTRX integrations provide asset managers and industry professionals an efficient and effective way to ensure that they have instant access to the most accurate and actionable industry data available. The new Dynamics 365 CRM integration empowers FINTRX users with a competitive edge, allowing them to build stronger relationships, make more informed decisions and ultimately drive more growth for their business.

FINTRX Overview

FINTRX provides extensive data coverage on both family offices and registered investment advisors, with credible information including investment preferences, background information on key decision-makers, asset allocation flows and so much more. FINTRX data is sourced from both public and private sources by a dedicated team of 70+ researchers who map, validate and compile data on a daily basis to ensure its accuracy. The FINTRX platform offers an intuitive interface and numerous analysis tools, charts and graphs to ensure users have access to the most current and accurate private wealth data available in the market.

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