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AI Search by FINTRX: Revolutionizing Private Wealth Data Access


FINTRX is proud to introduce AI Search, the next generation of AI-driven private wealth data intelligence. In today's fast-paced financial industry, having access to accurate and up-to-date information is paramount, and making informed business decisions relies on your ability to swiftly and effectively navigate vast datasets. This is where AI Search comes into play, revolutionizing the way professionals access and analyze our comprehensive  family office & investment advisor data.

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The Next Generation of AI-Driven Private Wealth Data Intelligence

What is AI Search?

AI Search is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that utilizes natural language searching to efficiently drill down into FINTRX's extensive and complex datasets. The tool allows you to find any private wealth datapoint by simply asking for it in your own words--eliminating the need for manual data filters and sorting. Within seconds, AI Search provides all relevant records, including investors, firms, advisors and contacts, allowing you to refine your search further, build lists, manage prospecting tools, highlight personal connections and so much more.


How You Can Leverage AI Search to Increase Workflow Efficiency

1)  Instantly pinpoint business opportunities & ideal prospects: Target investors & contacts that meet your ideal profile. AI Search allows for incredibly detailed data access. Simply ask FINTRX to search through millions of records, and let our AI Search reveal the results you need in seconds and build cohorts of contacts that perfectly fit your needs.

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2)  Enjoy seamless access to every single FINTRX datapoint: We've trained our AI Search model on all FINTRX data assets, inclusive of family offices, registered firms, wealth teams, aggregators, and breakaway advisors. Sift through tens of millions of data points with ease to refine your searches and get to the information that matters to you.


3)  Uncover previously hidden connections and unlock your network: Leverage AI Search to find who can introduce you to a key prospect. AI Search is trained specifically for each FINTRX user, opening a whole new world on how to leverage your network.

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4)  Create lists, save searches, and build territories: You know what you are looking for, and our AI does too. Let AI Search do the work for you, targeting ideal investors, building prospecting lists and mapping out your territory in seconds.


5)  Find key decision-makers and prep for meetings: Planning travel or attending a conference? Use AI Search to identify decision-makers and key contacts. Get personalized suggestions for introduction opportunities & conversation starters, and simplify meeting prep with AI-backed data on contact details, personal interests, background information and more.

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AI Search Opens the Door to Unprecedented Private Wealth Data Access

With AI Search, you have all the tools you need to effectively dive into the FINTRX database right at your fingertips:

- Constant access to AI Search, platform-wide

- Access to all family office, investment advisor, wealth group and contact data

- Querying into personal and team lists

- Pre-populated suggested search prompts and saved custom searches

- Single-click access to former classmates and Affinity relatability matches



Unleash the Power of Intelligent Data

In the world of finance, knowledge is power, and AI Search puts that power at your fingertips. Say goodbye to cumbersome data searches and hello to intuitive, intelligent, and efficient private wealth data exploration. No matter your business goals, AI Search is your trusted companion in the journey in capitalizing on FINTRX's extensive data to book more meetings and close more deals.



FINTRX provides extensive data coverage on both family offices and registered investment advisors, with credible information including investment preferences, background information on key decision-makers, asset allocation flows and so much more. FINTRX data is sourced from both public and private sources by a dedicated team of 70+ researchers who map, validate and compile data on a daily basis to ensure its accuracy. The FINTRX platform offers an intuitive interface and numerous analysis tools, charts and graphs to ensure users have access to the most current and accurate private wealth data available in the market.

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