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Elevate Your Capital Raising Efforts with FINTRX's Advanced Search Features


As an investment professional, staying ahead of the curve is essential to achieving success in the private wealth market. But with so much data to sift through, it can be difficult to know where to begin. That's where FINTRX comes in. Our powerful private wealth data intelligence solution is designed to help you discover new investment opportunities and connect with the right prospects quickly and effortlessly. In this blog, we'll explore some of the ways FINTRX can help you identify new investment opportunities and streamline your prospecting efforts.

The Challenge

Asset-raising professionals face the daunting challenge of navigating an increasingly complex and competitive investment landscape. With investors demanding more sophisticated and diverse options, traditional asset classes no longer suffice in meeting their evolving needs. This pressure to continuously identify, analyze, and offer unique investment opportunities can be overwhelming, ultimately hindering your ability to attract and retain clients.

As the competition intensifies, falling behind on cutting-edge investment strategies can lead to a dwindling client base and dwindling revenues. This situation can create a vicious cycle, leaving you struggling to keep up with industry trends and maintain client satisfaction. It's not only about sourcing alternative assets but also about understanding and managing the inherent risks, regulations, and due diligence requirements. Failing to do so may result in underperforming investments, damaged reputation, and loss of trust among clients.


The Solution

This is where FINTRX comes in as the ultimate solution designed to empower asset-raising professionals. Our innovative platform equips you with the tools and insights necessary to excel in the world of alternative investments by providing access to a vast array of investment, firm and contact data points, coupled with in-depth analytics and a fully customizable interface. FINTRX's user-friendly platform simplifies the process of identifying high-potential investors and business opportunities.

With FINTRX at your side, you can easily dig into the world of family office and investment advisor data, quickly pinpoint business opportunities, and confidently connect with prospects, ensuring more efficient and lucrative capital-raising efforts. FINTRX cuts through the complexity and obscurity of the private wealth space, empowering you to tackle the challenges of family office and investment advisor data and stay ahead of the competition.

RIA Search Filters


Key Search Filters

Investment Preferences

FINTRX provides users with a comprehensive view of investment preferences for family offices and registered investment advisors, including their asset class interests, ESG investing priorities, alternative investment preferences and more. This information is gathered through primary research, industry news, and proprietary data sources to give users an up-to-date and accurate understanding of the investment landscape.Untitled design (16)

Our technology makes it easy to search and filter for potential investors based on these investment preferences. For example, users can instantly filter for firms that have an interest or investment history in specific asset classes, such as private equity, real estate, or hedge funds, and in a single click, find investors that prioritize ESG investing, specialize in alternative investments such as venture capital or distressed debt, or consider co-investment opportunities. FINTRX's search functionality is highly customizable, allowing users to quickly filter thousands of entities and save their searches, making it easy to track potential prospects and opportunities over time.

By leveraging this data, users can better understand the investment landscape and identify potential opportunities that align with their own strategies. Additionally, the ability to filter and search for investors based on specific investment preferences can help users save time and streamline their prospecting efforts.


Assets Under Management

Assets under management, or AUM, is a critical metric, not only for investors, but also for fund managers, investment advisors, and other industry professionals as it is the most straightforward and clear insight into the size and scale of a particular firm.

FINTRX emphasizes seamless access to extensive AUM data and search functionality and ensures that users have access to the most up-to-date information available. Users can easily and efficiently identify firms based on a wide range of criteria, including discretionary & non-discretionary AUM, client net worth, and account breakdowns. 

For those looking to raise capital, access to AUM data is particularly valuable, as it helps users quickly identify and engage with investors with the appropriate AUM for their investment size. By leveraging our suite of advanced AUM search filters, our clients are able to instantly narrow down their search and focus on the prospects that are most relevant to their investment strategy.


Geographical Breakdown

FINTRX leverages highly detailed geographical data to allow users to search for family offices, RIA firms, and key contacts, making it easy to find or eliminate entities based on their physical office locations. Additionally, the Map View feature further enhances this functionality by allowing users to visualize and interact with search results on a map, making it easier to identify trends and opportunities in specific regions.


One way to leverage firm location in FINTRX is through the Mile Radius Search filter, which allows users to create a customized mile radius around individual cities or zip codes, making searches more geographically specific. For example, if a user is planning travel to a particular city, they can implement a custom mile radius around the city to identify all entities and contacts in the area, making it simple to schedule meetings with potential prospects or partners in the area and optimize their travel.

FINTRX also provides location information for individual RIA contacts and branch office locations, enabling users to specifically search for contacts that are physically located in a given area, rather than just searching for firms that have offices in that area. This is particularly useful for users who are running targeted contact and rep searches based on location rather than firm headquarters searches. Additionally, users looking to meet in person with reps, whether looking for reps near where they live or while traveling for work, can quickly pinpoint the right contacts and set up meetings.

FINTRX provides the data and detailed search filters to map out entities and contacts, all the way down to the street level, simplifying travel, territory mapping, and geographical market research.


Affinity Relatability Scoring

FINTRX utilizes Affinity, an AI-based relatability scoring functionality, throughout the platform designed to help users identify potential connections to other industry professionals or firms in order to expand their network and uncover new business opportunities.

Affinity works by ranking the relationship strength between the user and individual contacts in FINTRX based on shared backgrounds and interests. By leveraging shared interests -- from University background to hobbies or charity work -- FINTRX determines how much you or your teammates have in common with any given contact in the platform, creating conversation starters and warm outreach opportunities when connecting with other industry professionals and investors.

Users can easily leverage Affinity to filter contacts and pinpoint prospects that are more likely to engage with their outreach. Search key decision-makers using relatability scoring to humanize your prospecting, enhance your warm introduction opportunities, and increase your chances of successful networking and connection with other private wealth professionals.


13F Holdings, Custodian & SMA Allocation Data

The FINTRX platform boasts valuable portfolio, asset allocation, and custodian data and insights for all registered investment advisors, allowing users to not only access detailed information on firm activity but also easily sort through and conduct research on often dense and complicated investment data.

Our technology offers users complete 13F security holdings data on the most up-to-date portfolio information for institutional investors and makes it easy to segment firms and monitor changes in current holdings. Users can quickly identify trends and themes in investment strategies, gain insights into the industries and sectors that investors are bullish on, and discover emerging trends or themes in the market. FINTRX users can also uncover potential investment opportunities by using our 13F data & advanced search filters to pinpoint investors that have added or sold certain securities.


FINTRX provides data on the Separately Managed Account (SMA) asset allocations of investment advisors as well as detailed information on who they use to custody their SMA and private fund assets. Users have access to comprehensive data on the assets held by advisors--including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more--and a full suite of specialized filters to seamlessly sort through and identify RIAs with specific asset allocations or particular investment strategies.

Additionally, FINTRX allows users to access information on which qualified custodian firms are using to custody their assets, sort RIAs by custodians used and the amount held, and track custodian changes over time. By leveraging FINTRX, you can easily sort through SEC filings and asset allocation data to identify potential investment opportunities, stay up-to-date on changes in investor portfolios and gain insights into the trends and themes in the private wealth market.


FINTRX search capabilities are ultimately designed to be highly flexible, customizable and powerful. The advanced features and proprietary algorithms make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for, whether you're searching for specific firms, individuals or investment preferences. By leveraging these search capabilities, you can extract maximum value from your investment advisor data and build more successful relationships with clients and prospects.

FINTRX Overview

FINTRX is a unified data & research platform providing comprehensive data intelligence on 850,000+ family office & investment advisor records, each designed to help asset-raising professionals identify, access & map the global private wealth ecosystem. FINTRX data intelligence covers nearly 4,000+ family offices, 21,000+ family office contacts, 40,000+ registered investment advisor entities, and 750,000+ registered reps. Data for every record within FINTRX is pooled from 10+ public & private sources.

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