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New Release: FINTRX Resource Library

April 13, 2020

A lack of time and information can cause major inefficiencies when it comes to fundraising within the family office sector. To help assist you in your capital raising efforts, FINTRX is eager to bring your attention to our newly refurbished Resource Library - where you can easily filter and search through our vast collection of family office content. The FINTRX Resource Library allows for free downloading of reports, whitepapers, infographics, case studies, guides and more, along with further tools for quick and easy access to our plethora of collateral relating to family offices and the private capital markets. 

The FINTRX platform was designed to be organized and intuitive, allowing for the highest quality user experience. To reflect this on our website, FINTRX remodeled its blog design and added a Resource Library to help make your prospecting and asset-raising process more efficient. 

Practical Family Office Insights & Best Practices 

The FINTRX Resource Library is designed in an intuitive way that makes it possible for our users to filter all content resources by type, industry, family office(s) and more, ultimately allowing for a personalized viewing of our collection of FINTRX family office collateral. 

FINTRX Resource Library

Filter through the FINTRX Resource Library by:


- Briefs

- Case Studies

- Data Reports

- Guides 

- Infographics

- Industry Spotlights

- Whitepapers

-Webinar Recording 


- Cannabis

- Direct Investments

- Hedge Funds

- Investment Banking

- Private Equity

- Real Estate

- Venture Capital

- Blockchain 


- All

- Family Office (single family offices & multi-family offices) 


- Download options 

- Search functionality 

-'Similar Content' automatically comes into view on right side 

Discover our latest updates, new features, platform enhancements and more at our 'What's New' page here. 

In providing continuously updated family office data, capital raising tools, and savvy search capabilities, FINTRX continues to bring transparency to the family office ecosystem. If you are interested in learning additional information on our proprietary research, please click here.

For an in-depth exploration of the FINTRX platform, request a free trial here:
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Written by: Renae Hatcher

Renae Hatcher is member of the marketing team at FINTRX - focused on delivering targeted & relevant family office content to our subscribers.

Renae Hatcher

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