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FINTRX Family Office Data Solution

FINTRX provides comprehensive intelligence on thousands of private family offices, each designed to facilitate in your prospecting and capital raising efforts.


Family office data intelligence

Explore in-depth dossiers on each family - AUM, source of wealth, investment criteria, previous investment history, sectors & industries of interest, amongst other key data points.

In addition, FINTRX provides insight on the core contacts within each family office, resulting in an efficient and personalized approach.

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FINTRX Family Office Database Solution
Family Office Overview icon

Uncover detailed summaries on each private family office within FINTRX. Each summary delivers the origin & industry of wealth, asset classes of interest, structure and approach.

Investment Preferences icon
investment PREFERENCES

Discover each families geographic focus, specific allocation preferences, and further investment related criteria.

Contact Information icon
contact infoRMATION

Leverage direct contact details for all decision makers - featuring job titles, direct email addresses, phone numbers, common connections, alma mater, past employment history and brief bios for each.

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FINTRX  Data Features

Allow FINTRX to work for you. Spend your time sourcing deals, marketing, and raising capital & let us manage the rest.

Dynamic Database

Updated daily, FINTRX uses AI & proprietary algorithms to prioritize your top prospects throughout the globe

Prospect Management

Keep track of investor and contact interactions with notes, tasks, and lists integrated within the platform. Easily prepare for your roadshows with Search Vision, the industries leading travel planning solution

Powerful Search Capabilities

Whether for travel or prospecting, FINTRX provides 40+ filters to isolate your most relevant prospects and your easy wins.

Team Collaboration

Seamlessly communicate information to your fellow team members either within our interface or through our various integrations such as LinkedIn & Salesforce.

FINTRX Family Office Data Features

"FINTRX is a very strong platform/product if you wish to reach out to the family office community. They combine their insights with event and family office investment research. If you are thinking of finding the right FO for your investment, start searching here."

Marc Debois, ING BANK
Global Head of Single Family Office Desk
Marc Debois, ING Bank, FINTRX Testimonial

Built for the asset raising professional. Engineered for efficiency.