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How Alpha Leonis Partners Leverages FINTRX







Alpha Leonis Partners


Founded in 2017, Alpha Leonis Partners (ALP) is a Zurich, Switzerland-based independent advisory firm focused on private equity, alternative investments and CIO outsourcing solutions. ALP’s investment strategy supports the funding and advancement of entrepreneurial-led innovation across a spectrum of industries that require high specialization. The firm’s mission is to provide its clients with sound investment solutions to help them identify their financial and/or philanthropic goals.


Alpha Leonis Partners works with several trusted, value-added partners that enable entrepreneurs to build long-term transformational growth. ALP comprises 14 investment professionals with extensive experience and diverse perspectives. Joanna Ernst, Managing Director of Business Development at Alpha Leonis Partners, oversees all aspects of the firm’s capital raising efforts throughout Europe. The firm is active across private and capital markets. 

"FINTRX has been a useful tool in mapping the European family office space and has provided excellent customer service and family office intelligence."

Joanna Ernst
Joanna Ernst
Managing Director, Business Development, Alpha Leonis Partners

Case Study

Founded in 2017, Alpha Leonis Partners (ALP) is a Zurich, Switzerland-based private equity firm geared towards supporting the funding and advancement of entrepreneurial-led innovation...
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Their Challenge

Prior to becoming a FINTRX user, Alpha Leonis Partners lacked a formal data source for mapping the private wealth landscape. Focusing primarily on the European family office market, Alpha Leonis found it time-consuming to determine the size of the market and pinpoint key players in the space. Joanna Ernst, Managing Director of the Business Development team at ALP, often lacked adequate background and contact information to build meaningful relationships with suitable investors.

To source credible family office intel, Alpha Leonis Partners turned to the FINTRX private wealth data solution to gain high-level insights and access into 3,400+ single and multi-family offices and the nearly 20,000 family office decision-makers working within them. 


The Outcome

In 2020, Alpha Leonis Partners adopted the FINTRX private wealth data solution to gain access to an unprecedented 360-degree view of the global family office landscape.

Today, ALP uses FINTRX proprietary insights to map, access and better understand the European family office ecosystem specifically. With expansive and credible information on 800,000 private wealth contacts, Alpha Leonis put in place a multi-channel contact approach to ensure meaningful, long-term connections.

Access to 375+ advanced search filters - including areas of investment interest, assets under management, asset flows, intent signals and more - allows Ernst and her team to segment this market into an addressable audience. Plus, customized notifications and alerts help keep ALP up-to-date at all times.

With $7.6T+ in tracked family office assets based on 4.8M+ data points, FINTRX continues to be an essential tool in supporting Alpha Leonis’ business development efforts. 


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