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Our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018


2018 is almost behind us, and we are excited to take some time to look back at this monumental year within the family office investment space.

Below are our most popular blog posts of this calendar year which share insights and updates on the ever-changing family office investments landscape.

The Guide to Family Offices  

Explore the world of single family offices and multi-family offices to uncover their history and recent evolution. This guide will help you target family office investments more effectively and will explain how the modern family office is evolving over time.

Family Offices Continue Moving Towards Direct Investments 

In recent years family offices have shown a large increase in their number of direct investments. We discuss this growing trend and analyze why family offices are making the choice to go direct.  

FINTRX CEO Featured In Family Business Magazine 

FINTRX CEO Russ D'Argento featured in Family Business Magazine to discuss the current state of single family office investors and multi-family office investors. FINTRX is the largest provider of family office data and research to the private capital market community. 

Capital Raising & What You Should Know 

When raising capital for your fund or private company choosing the best vertical is very important. This article will take a closer look at family offices, venture capital, private equity, etc., and the benefits of each of them to help you pick the best option for your capital raising efforts.

Family Office Real Estate Trends 

2018 saw a resurgence in global family offices allocating to the real estate sector. These investments span both residential and commercial projects, yielding a 12% return on average according to the UBS Global Family Office report.

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