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Family Office Research & Insights

How our Clients are Optimizing FINTRX with Customization

Universally, we are all trying to find ways to promote efficiency and best allocate the time we have to execute our roles and responsibilities in the office (or as of late - at home). The FINTRX solution delivers industry-leading family office intelligence across our diverse global suite of ...

New Release: FINTRX Mobile Version

  FINTRX is pleased to announce the launch of our mobile application. Compatible with all mobile devices, and formatted specifically for your mobile screen, the FINTRX mobile app was created to provide you with instantaneous interactions and access to investors on the go.  

New Release: Family Office Contact Responsibilities

FINTRX is excited to share that we have added "Contact Responsibilities" to the contacts' module in each family office dossier. Users can now immediately target the applicable contact of focus for their outreach. 

New Release: Family Office Impact Investor Filter

FINTRX is pleased to share that we have added a new search filter to our family office Power Search module. Users now have the ability to query family offices based off their interest in impact/ESG investing. 

New Release: Family Office Enhanced Keyword Search

FINTRX is excited to share that we have greatly improved our family office "Keyword" search filter. We have evolved this feature to provide users with the most efficient search tool possible. 

New Release: Family Office Dossier Builder

              FINTRX is proud to announce the launch of Dossier Builder, a new add-on feature built within our family office platform. The Dossier Builder enables users to export up to ten profiles into a comprehensive investor portfolio, in PDF format, making it a great solution for those ...