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How our Clients are Optimizing FINTRX with Customization


Universally, we are all trying to find ways to promote efficiency and best allocate the time we have to execute our roles and responsibilities in the office (or as of late - at home). The FINTRX solution delivers industry-leading family office intelligence across our diverse global suite of clients, while each asset raising professional has a unique targeted focus in the family office universe. The FINTRX platform has continued to evolve with customization capabilities, providing our users with the ability to curate their experience to optimize utility and cut time spent. Please find a breakdown to follow, uncovering how you can tailor your FINTRX account to best suit your objectives and workflow:

1. Saved Favorites

The FINTRX favorites feature gives users the ability to flag interest and prioritize individuals & family office entities within the platform. All "starred" family offices & contacts throughout the platform are directly added to the user's dynamic "Favorites" list.

Many users initially identify prospects by saving them as favorites - then parse through their "Favorites" list to segment investors into categorized prospect lists.

Users also often prioritize investors within lists with the favorites feature. When working through a list of saved investors - users can directly "star" investors of highest interest within the list. From there, lists can be sorted by favorites. Users can efficiently bubble all of the favorited investors to the top of their list.

Favorites are often used to identify the best point of contact at each family office. While there are usually about 3 or 4 individuals associated to each investor profiled, users will often save all contacts to a list - then "star" the individual best suited for their outreach.

2. Alert Builder

The FINTRX Alert Builder provides users with the ability to granularly customize the frequency, content & management of the notifications driven from their FINTRX profile & preferences. As the FINTRX family office dataset continues to grow exponentially, it's incredibly efficient to pinpoint and consolidate relevant updates to each individual user. Users can handpick the alert types they'd like to subscribe to, as outlined below...

  • New additions - Opt-in for daily or weekly reports on newly added investors and/or contacts. 

Favorites - Keep up to date on all current events and updates pertaining to each user's prioritized investors within FINTRX. Users can be notified of any news mentions or profile changes/additions of the entities & individuals added to your Favorites list. 

Dynamic lists - Receive weekly notifications on all additions, updates & news mentions within "smart" auto-updated lists.

Affinity matches - Set relatability score parameters for receiving updates of new Affinity matches. 

3. Data Sharing & Preferences

FINTRX is a team-based solution - providing users with the ability to work collaboratively within the platform. The inner workings and overlap within each team's FINTRX account are uniquely structured - so we've provided each user with the ability to select exactly what (prospect lists, notes, interactions, etc.) and with whom they'd like to share with within their FINTRX team.

Users can configure their sharing preferences to efficiently and effectively execute a unified team approach within the solution. 

4. Custom Live Feed

Each FINTRX user has their own customizable live feed within their home dashboard.  This rolling feed displays all investor updates and additions in real-time - full transparency into our research team's efforts and activity! To filter directly into new and updated investors to each user's unique pain points - the Custom Live Feed includes set parameters driven by the user's preferences.

5. Tags

FINTRX users can create and leverage an uncapped number of custom investor tags to segment their family office prospects. Tags serve as sticky notes or buttons directly associated with individual family offices. They were designed as a tool to create unique groupings of prospects within FINTRX. A tag can be associated with an investor in two simple clicks - from the search page, within lists and directly on an investor's dossier. Tags can be added in bulk to cut time spent. Users can run reports to directly access all investors categorized by individual tags. 

6. Custom Fields 

FINTRX provides users with the ability to create and leverage an unlimited amount of custom fields. Custom field types vary from date fields and checkboxes, to drop-down menus and multi-select fields.

By way of example, many users build custom fields to log marketing materials sent to prospects, to associate stages in their pipeline, and to identify what project an investor would be interested in if they're raising for multiple funds. Reports can be run on custom fields for tracking. Custom fields can also be displayed within lists for efficient identification and organization.  

The FINTRX platform has continued to evolve to facilitate the most seamless, effective user experience possible. We welcome and appreciate all feedback from our trusted clients. We continue to integrate direct suggestions and custom requests from our valued clients in curating the most efficient prospecting platform. As each FINTRX user has a unique process, offering and target market - no two users' experience or FINTRX accounts should look the same. To stay up to date on all new features and enhancements - visit our What's New page. 

The FINTRX Client Success Team is at your disposal, designed to provide you with the guidance & support needed to ensure you're gaining maximum value and utility out of the FINTRX platform. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your CS rep or support@fintrx.com as we're here to help customize your account & process to suit your needs. Stay well, stay safe & stay in touch!


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