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New Release: Family Office Impact Investor Filter


FINTRX is pleased to share that we have added a new search filter to our family office Power Search module. Users now have the ability to query family offices based off their interest in impact/ESG investing. 

Impact Investor Filter:

  • Search by family offices that have disclosed interest in impact/ESG investing
  • Create custom prospect lists based off family office impact and ESG investment preferences.
  • "Impact Investor" field will be marked in the "Investment Details" module within the family office's dossier. 
HubSpot Video

Our Power Search module has been updated and the "Impact Investor" search filter is now live for all FINTRX users.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. We are always happy to help optimize your experience using FINTRX. 

For more information, request a free trial for a deep-dive into the FINTRX solution.

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