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How U.S. Realty Advisors Leverages FINTRX

New York, NY


$6.5 billion

Assets Under Management


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US Realty Advisors


U.S. Realty Advisors (USRA) is a leading net lease real estate investment & asset management firm specializing in sale-leaseback and build-to-suit financing arrangements. The firm seeks to deliver value for their underlying investors while also helping companies free up capital and retain operational control over their facilities. Since its inception in 1989, USRA has worked with institutional and wealth-oriented investors and currently

has $6.5B in assets under management. With the goal of scaling their business and expanding market penetration, USRA recognized the need for a data-driven approach to efficiently target the optimal group of investors. Operating as a nimble team, they sought a solution that would better equip them to focus their efforts and achieve high-level growth.

“FINTRX is the gold standard for GPs looking to efficiently and effectively scale their businesses by targeting the right cohort of sophisticated investors."

Justin Arasin USRA
Justin Arasin
Head of Capital Formation & Product Development at USRA

Case Study

U.S. Realty Advisors (USRA) is a leading net lease real estate investment & asset management firm specializing in sale-leaseback and built-to-suit financing arrangements...
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Their Challenge

Scaling a business and achieving high-level growth is always a challenge, especially while maintaining a leaner team. As a net lease real estate-focused investment firm, USRA was faced with this very task, seeking to find the right investors to expand their network of LPs. The team needed a solution that would provide them with accurate and comprehensive data on their target market: family offices and RIAs. Additionally, it was crucial to USRA to find a data solution that integrated directly with their existing workflow, allowing their team to remain lean and efficient while navigating the private wealth landscape.

In their search for an effective data provider, FINTRX stood out as the ideal solution, offering a data-driven approach that would enable USRA to efficiently target family offices and RIAs with an emphasis on real estate fund and deal allocators. With data enhanced through native sales enablement tools such as Affinity relatability scoring and AI-powered search functionality, FINTRX would allow them to strengthen their prospect targeting efforts.


The Outcome

By partnering with FINTRX, the team at U.S. Realty Advisors has gained access to millions of actionable data points on potential prospects and business opportunities within the family office & RIA spaces. With over 4,000 family offices, 40,000 RIAs and 850,000 associated contacts & key decision-makers, FINTRX has empowered USRA to easily identify and connect with target LPs.
On top of high quality data, the integration of FINTRX with the firm's native CRM, Altvia, has been a game-changer for USRA. The real-time data updates and focus on real estate allocators within the platform have saved the team a significant amount of time and effort. In addition, the mobile functionality of the platform and AI Search tools have empowered USRA to execute their day-to-day efforts efficiently, regardless of their location in the field.

Finally, USRA has been extremely pleased with the exceptional support provided by the FINTRX team. Quick response times and custom reporting assistance continue to be a tremendous help for the firm, allowing them to work more efficiently and focus on their asset-raising goals. With FINTRX as "an extension of [their] team and sales efforts", USRA has never been more equipped to tackle the private wealth space and scale their business.

"The FINTRX team has been incredible as it relates to supporting our efforts, whether it be answering questions within an hour or running target prospect lists on our behalf. Said another way, they are an extension of our team and sales efforts." - Justin Arasin, Head of Capital Formation & Product Development at USRA

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