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Three Family Offices Investing in Cannabis

Renae Hatcher September 17, 2019

Utilizing our family office data and research platform, we have uncovered a number of family offices investing in the cannabis industry. Continue reading for further insight...


Family offices around the world are fueling the growth of the cannabis industry, and this trend is likely to continue in the coming years. Oftentimes, single and multi family offices seek opportunities to invest in new, upcoming markets that can offer outsized returns. Unlike typical institutional investors, which have standard limitations and required due diligence procedures, family offices have much greater flexibility when it comes to allocating capital. 


Below, we've outlined three family offices that have previously invested in cannabis, and invite you to take a closer look!

SayanoSayano Family Office

Founded in 2017, the Sayano Family Office is a Zug, Switzerland-based single family office with an industry wealth origin in real estate and entrepreneurship. In May of 2019, Sayano invested in a Berlin-based cannabis startup, CanPharma...

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Joban Group Family OfficeJoban_Group

The Joban Group is a Dubai, UAE-based single family office and family-owned conglomerate of business ventures. The Joban Group is engaged in a number of business operations across a diverse range of industries including cannabis...

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Serruya Private Equity Serruya Family Office

Serruya Private Equity is an Ontario-based single family office with an industry wealth origin in consumer packaged goods through founding one of the largest North American frozen dessert manufacturers, Yogen Fruz. Serruya has been very active in the cannabis sector, making several investments in the space...

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We encourage you to explore further if reaching the opaque family office investor market is of value and interest. See how you can leverage our industry-leading family office database and research solutions by requesting your free trial below!



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Renae Hatcher

Renae Hatcher

Renae Hatcher is member of the marketing team at FINTRX - focused on delivering targeted & relevant family office content to our subscribers.

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