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Three Family Offices Investing in Cannabis


Family offices around the world are fueling the growth of the cannabis industry and this trend is likely to continue in the coming years. Oftentimes, single and multi-family offices seek opportunities to invest in new, upcoming markets that can offer outsized returns. To showcase this, FINTRX has outlined three family offices that have invested in the cannabis industry.

1. Sayano Family Office

Founded in 2017, the Sayano Family Office is a Zug, Switzerland-based single-family office managing the wealth for the Ketterer family, who accumulated their wealth in the real estate space. Sayano comprises a small team of professionals from the real estate and finance sectors. The firm’s principal focus is on real estate investments, however, Sayano also seeks investments in private equity, venture capital, and fintech. The firm is often sector and geography agnostic.

In May 2019, Sayano Family Office invested an undisclosed amount in a Berlin-based cannabis startup, CanPharma. CanPharma supplies pharmacies throughout Germany with high-quality medical cannabis, but together with its international network of Research & Development partners, the company focuses on the complete examination of the plant and its benefits. The company's overall aim is to educate patients, doctors, and pharmacies about the professional use of medical cannabis.

2. Apeiron Investment Group (Christian Angermayer Family Office)

Apeiron Investment Group is a Malta-based single-family office managing the wealth of Christian Angermayer. Angermayer made his fortune as a serial entrepreneur and private investor. In 1999, Mr. Angermayer dropped out of college and co-founded a biotech company that eventually became Alnylam Pharmaceuticals. Today, Apeiron focuses on investing in companies in Germany and Africa that live in the following industries: cannabis, financial services, FinTech, technology, eCommerce, aerospace, life sciences, media, real estate, and natural resources.

In May 2021, Apeiron Investment Group directly invested in CB Therapeutics, an innovative producer of high-value molecules, compounds, and rare ingredients from simple feedstock using many types of hosts and systems, including yeast, bacteria, and cell-free expression systems. CB Therapeutics focuses on the discovery, research, development, and production of tryptamines, cannabinoids, and other molecules to advance neuroscience and bring therapeutics to market to solve some of the most challenging mental healthcare and social problems. Apeiron also serves as an advisor to international investors looking to invest in Africa and Germany. The firm will co-invest alongside other LPs and has an additional office in the UK.

3. Serruya Private Equity (Serruya Single-Family Office)

Serruya Private Equity (Serruya Single-Family Office) is an Ontario-based single-family office managing the wealth of the Serruya Family. The family accumulated its wealth through founding Yogen Früz, a Canadian frozen yogurt and smoothie chain that operates worldwide. In addition, they built the company Consumer Packaged Goods, one of the largest North American frozen dessert manufacturers. The family was also involved in the ownership and acquisition of other food-service companies, most notably Kahala Brands, which the family sold its stake in for $320M in 2016. Serruya specializes in private equity and venture capital opportunities globally. The firm engages in strategic investments, acquisitions, and lending and seeks to invest in public and private companies with revenues between $5M - $1B.

Serruya invests in companies with leading consumer brands characterized by strong management teams where Serruya can leverage its operational expertise and financial resources. The firm also invests in commercial and residential real estate in Canada and the US. Sectors and industries of interest include food & beverage, restaurants, consumer products, manufacturing, hospitality, automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, apparel, electronics, finance, medical, real estate, cannabis, and retail. Recently, the firm has been very active in the cannabis sector, making several investments in the space. Some of the firm's past investments include Global Franchise Group, Pinkberry, Second Cup Coffee Co., Hydrofarm, Persian Acceptance Corporation, The Templar Hotel, Freedom Mobile, Jamba Juice and Laredo Hospitality.

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