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FINTRX Releases New Wave of Product Spotlight Videos


The family office space is an ever-evolving market requiring asset raising professionals to stay up-to-date on investment trends, market evolutions and how these private entities prefer to be communicated with.  By adaptively learning the different preferences and latest developments of family offices, you can then tailor your pitch accordingly to meet a diverse set of goals and expectations. With this in mind, we are releasing a wave of brief video snippets that provide a glimpse into our platform and how it relates to each asset class we support. 

Uncovering family offices around the globe who are synergistic with your fund or offering can be extremely challenging without the right technology and work processes. In the following videos, we walk through how valuable the FINTRX platform can be in elevating the family office prospecting process for any organization. 

  • We invite you to explore the following high-level video tutorial(s) that best align to your workflow:

Investment Banks

Join the many investment banks who entrust our unparalleled family office data and intuitive prospect management tools to streamline their distribution and direct deal efforts.  

"There are many aspects to the FINTRX power search functionality that allow for investment banks to granularly see a view of family offices who are active in direct investments, their sector exposure, and more."  - Chris Kiley, Senior Business Development Director, FINTRX

Private Equity / Venture Capital

Carve through granular data on family offices - including investment criteria, allocation preferences, sectors, industries of interest and much more. 

Real Estate

Each family office dossier in the platform features granular level insight on their real estate exposure. Utilizing our leading family office data and research tool, FINTRX continues to highlight family offices making direct investments in real estate ventures. This unceasing expansion is likely driven by the many benefits the property ownership has to offer - favorable, steady returns and tax benefits, to name a few.

Private Companies   

As direct investment deals continue to become a core component of family office portfolios, discover specific investment criteria and allocation preferences to yield a targeted fundraising process for you and your team. 

Hedge Funds   

Broaden your network and turbo charge your fundraising process through the most comprehensive and dynamic family office solution available in the marketplace.

"The many aspects of the FINTRX power search functionality enable the leveraging of acute information about family office investment history, sector exposure and more. Our tools empower our users to build their network within the family office market."  - Emma Kelly, Business Development Associate, FINTRX

Family Offices

Join the vast array of family offices leveraging FINTRX to source distinct co-investment opportunities within the family office ecosystem. Discover current trends in the family office ecosystem and deep dive into each family office's direct investment activity -  featuring the financing round, amount invested, size of round, sectors, industries and more.

At FINTRX, we work around the clock to enable our users to stay adept and informed.  With this in mind, our team seeks to share best practices and process improvements we uncover through our product releases and enhancements.  Dive into 10 Tips & Tricks for Utilizing FINTRX here.

10 Tips & Tricks for Utilizing the FINTRX Family Office Platform

Connect with our team for a more in-depth demo specific to your use case and how your team targets the family office space. Our platform is customizable to empower your current team’s workflows and day-to-day operations. 

For an in-depth exploration of the FINTRX family office platform, click below:


For practical family office insight and best practices, visit our remodeled 'Resource Library' below. 

FINTRX Resource Library

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