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FINTRX - LP Edition

FINTRX LP Edition provides continuously updated family office data, research & powerful asset raising tools - each engineered to turbo charge your global family office outreach.

Family Office Data & Insights icon
Family Office Data & Insights

Detailed insight on each family office - including background, contact information, origin of wealth, investment interest, AUM and more. 

Asset Raising Tools icon
Asset Raising Tools

Leverage our custom suite of asset raising tools, each designed to optimize your prospecting efforts. Your custom filters, tasks, notes, and custom lists keep you organized for a streamlined workflow.

Innovative Technology icon
Innovative Technology

Continually evolving, FINTRX features cutting-edge technologies built to turbo-charge your prospecting and capital raising efforts. 

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Family Office Updates and Additions icon
Family Office Additions & Updates

Our dedicated research team continuously adds and updates our family office data - guaranteeing you have the most comprehensive and accurate data at your fingertips. 

Custom Lists icon
Custom Lists

Choose your custom list type, populate your target family offices, build relationships and seamlessly integrate into your workflow.  

Artificial Intelligence icon
Artificial Intelligence 

Using our smart algorithms, FINTRX can auto update your lists, offer up warm family office introduction opportunities and connect with your LinkedIn - ensuring a warm opportunity is never missed.

10 Reasons Why Family Offices Make Great Investors

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Built for the asset raising professional. Engineered for efficiency.