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FINTRX Family Office Data Report March 2020


A broad range of the world's asset managers, bankers, private businesses and fund managers leverage the FINTRX family office data and research platform to identify, access and raise family office capital. Blending research, analytics and technology into one solution, we have provided further analysis into notable family office data trends compiled from March of 2020. Continue reading for an elaborate breakdown on how last month unfolded within our rapidly increasing database of 2,815+ family offices, 11,103+ family office contacts and 11,035+ tracked investments.

March 2020 Data Report

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All of the data in this report has been built bottom-up from our extensive dataset, rather than based on models or small-sample survey data. As a result, we are able to share reliable information regarding this hard-to-reach, yet economically significant sector.

March Findings

→ New Family Office Data Points = 2,434+
→ Total New Family Office Assets Added = $30 Billion+ 
→ Total Additions = 2,190

March 2020 Total Additions

  • 36 family offices added
  • 193 family office contacts added
  • 1,961 new tracked investments 
→ Updated Entities = 3,305

March 2020 Updated Entities

  • 666 updated family offices
  • 2,639 updated family office contacts 
→ Family Office Direct Investment Activity by Sector
March 2020 Family Office Direct Investment Activity
  1. Technology = 28%
  2. Healthcare & Biotech = 16%
  3. Consumer Goods = 7%
  4. Business Services = 7%
  5. Financial Services = 6%
  6. Manufacturing = 6%
  7. Real Estate & Construction = 5%
  8. Energy & Utilities = 5%
  9. Media & Entertainment = 4%
  10. Government = 3%
  11. Other = 13%
→ Family Office Trend of the Month: Hedge Fund Allocations 

Family offices are more inclined to invest with hedge funds as they are typically looking for the possibility of finding exceptional money managers before everyone else notices them.

March 2020 Trend of the Month

"Family offices around the world continue to favor alternative asset classes. Twenty-one family offices added to the FINTRX research platform in March, demonstrated a propensity towards hedge fund investments."

- Dennis Caulfield, Vice President of Research

FINTRX is excited to share our 2020 Family Office Hedge Fund Activity Report, where you will find an in-depth analysis into why hedge funds should target family office capital. The report provides a regional breakdown, family offices investing in both hedge funds and impact investments and more. 

FINTRX 2020 Hedge Fund Activity Report

→ To access your free copy of our most recent report, download it here. 



Today, the FINTRX platform is used by hundreds of clients globally – all of whom rely on our breadth and depth of data, our accuracy and attention to detail and our state-of-the-art technology engineered to provide the research needed.

In providing continuously updated family office data, capital raising tools, and savvy search capabilities, FINTRX continues to bring transparency to the family office ecosystem. If you are interested in learning additional information on our proprietary data  and research, click here.

For an in-depth exploration of the FINTRX family office platform, request a free trial here:

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