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How Valiant Finance Leverages FINTRX

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Valiant Finance, an affiliate of Exemplar Companies, is a specialized investment firm offering innovative solutions to sophisticated investors. Led by a team of industry veterans, the firm manages a family of funds focused on differentiated strategies such as litigation finance, life sciences, and tax-advantaged investments. Valiant Finance's relationship-driven approach is central to the firm's success.

By leveraging deep domain expertise, the Valiant team is able to identify compelling opportunities and forge lasting partnerships with its investor base. This enables them to structure specialized investment products designed to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns in complex alternative asset classes.

"I would absolutely recommend FINTRX. The ease of use and the exceptional support from the team are key benefits that set FINTRX apart." 

Michael Zarlengo
Senior Vice President at Valiant Finance

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Valiant Finance, an affiliate of Exemplar Companies, is a specialized investment firm offering innovative solutions to sophisticated investors....
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Their Challenge

As a financial services firm, Valiant Finance faced the challenge of efficiently accessing the comprehensive information on investors and key contacts needed to identify and connect with the right prospects for their innovative investment products. The team required easy access to accurate data in order to support their day-to-day operations and long-term success.

When researching data providers to help them overcome these challenges, Valiant's primary goals were to streamline their workflows and to gain access to comprehensive and reliable data on family offices, registered investment advisors and other private wealth groups. FINTRX's ability to provide high-quality data, direct CRM data integration options and exceptional customer support were the driving factors that ultimately led Valiant to choose FINTRX as their preferred data intelligence solution.


The Outcome

By partnering with FINTRX, the team at Valiant Finance has gained access to millions of private wealth data points, including over 4,000 family offices, 40,000 investment advisors and 850,000 associated decision-makers. The seamless integration between FINTRX and Valiant's existing HubSpot CRM system has been a game-changer for the firm. The automatic data syncing between the two platforms has allowed the team to dramatically streamline their day-to-day operations and focus more of their time and energy on building meaningful relationships with their target investors, rather than getting bogged down in manual data entry and management tasks.
In addition, Valiant Finance has been consistently impressed by the responsiveness and expertise of the FINTRX customer support team. Whether it's been building custom prospect lists, ensuring a smooth migration of data into HubSpot, or providing guidance on best practices, the FINTRX team has been there every step of the way.

Highlighting the exceptional support he has received, Senior Vice President Michael Zarlengo praised his dedicated FINTRX Client Success Manager, Sarah, saying, "The assistance that I have gotten from Sarah is awesome. She responds quickly and is very knowledgeable.” This high level of personalized service has enabled Valiant Finance to truly maximize the value of the FINTRX platform.

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