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Designed for our PE, VC, investment banking & private company clients, FINTRX Buy-Side provides detailed investment history on 2,300+ family offices. Built to offer transparency into direct investment activity within the family office sector, FINTRX Buy-Side monitors the amount invested, stage of investment, sectors, industries, and much more...

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Investment History & Analytics icon
Investment History & Analytics

Powerful family office direct deal history & analytics - designed to offer transparency on the investment history for each family office.

Funded Company Insight icon
Funded Company Insight

Explore data provided on each private company receiving family office investment.

Industry & Sector Breakdown icon
Industry & Sector Breakdowns

Filter down by industry & sector to discover insight within trending verticals and capital flows.

FINTRX Buy-Side Screenshots
Monitor Family Office Investments icon
Monitor Family Office Allocations

Seamlessly monitor recent family office direct investments - including new deal flow & investment activities. 

Interactive Heatmap icon
Interactive Heatmap

Use the FINTRX Heatmap to visualize trends in direct investment activity by industry, amount raised, stage of investment, and more...

Direct Investment News
Direct Investment News

Source family office direct investment news via our live & archived investment news modules. 

Built for the asset raising professional. Engineered for efficiency.