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FINTRX Affinity Score

Designed with AI to humanize your outreach - FINTRX Affinity delivers you custom conversation starters, actionable insights on your best path to connect, and meaningful intel on your shared commonalities across 10,500+ family office decision makers. 



FINTRX Affinity Score - Family Office Data
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Custom Conversation Starters

Leverage custom conversation starters tailored for your personal outreach to drive impactful conversations.

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Find Your Best Path In

View a clear picture of your best path and shared commonalities with your family office prospects and clients.

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Team Based Insights

Immediate insight into which of your colleagues shares the greatest & most meaningful points of connection. 

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Shared Passions & Interest

Build rapport with those that share your passions and interest outside of the office. Spark meaningful conversations while prospecting & prepping for meetings.

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University Alumni & Employment History

Our algorithms slice through millions of data points each day, bringing to the top the family office decision makers you share alumni roots & previous employment history with. Affinity will even lend more credence when you overlapped years there.

10 Reasons Why Family Offices Make Great Investors

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