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Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) Market Growth 2015-2019


The registered investment adviser (RIA) channel has experienced healthy growth over the past several years. Relative to family offices, RIAs share many of the same characteristics that make them an attractive wealth management option. With the markets facing longer term volatility, many RIAs are proving their deeper worth and ability to maintain sustainable market growth. Continue reading as the FINTRX platform dives deeper into the registered investment adviser arena, offering insight and analytics into the industry's market growth rate over the past several years (2015-2019). 

A registered investment adviser (RIA) can be described as any firm who advises or manages the wealth of high net-worth individuals or institutions. Directly regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), RIAs offer a wide range of wealth management services to their clients. Similar to family offices, RIAs must know and fully understand the client's definition of financial success to best fulfill their fiduciary duties.  

Of the 35,000+ registered investment advisers active today, many are evolving and expanding at a steady rate across the United States. Recent data indicates advances in technology are making fast and sustainable growth a more manageable possibility for registered investment advisers. 

“Our profession is experiencing continued growth as increasing numbers of investors recognize the value of fiduciary advisers,” notes IAA President and CEO Karen Barr. “This year’s report demonstrates that advisers are continuing to fuel the economy and the capital markets, providing high quality jobs and adding new small business players in the financial services ecosystem.”

Below, we examine the market growth of the registered investment adviser (RIA) channel over the past four years (2015-2019):

ria market growth 2015-2020

RIA statistics indicate a steady increase over the past several years as more individuals are recognizing the value of fiduciary advisers. While the pandemic may have temporarily slowed dealmaking and altered client communications, registered investment advisers across the United States are primarily focused on strengthening foundational growth and maximizing efficiency. This provides further opportunities for sustainable growth, and cements the firm’s value for both the adviser and client. As the RIA industry continues to demonstrate steady growth across all major metrics, FINTRX aims to keep you informed on industry trends and developments. 

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