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Global Advisory Firm Launches Multi Family Office in South Africa


 Maitland Announced the Establishment of Maitland Family Office Office in South Africa

Maitland announced the establishment of Maitland Family Office, a multi-family office that serves the high net worth families, individuals and entrepreneurs in South Africa.



Maitland has connected its current advisory, fiduciary and investment teams under the Maitland Family Office banner. They also have acquired 100 percent of Johannesburg-based Talaria to expand their offerings further. The company stated that there is a growing need for a family office in South Africa because the demand for offshore and cross-border services to manage wealth has grown.

  • Maitland Family Office will be lead by an executive committee of the former owner of Talaria, Cheryl Howard and five more individuals.
  • The family office offers a total outsourced solution to managing the financial, tax, legal and investment affairs of the wealthy family or individual.
  • The group has 17 offices, and they service clients from Guernsey, Isle of Man, London, Luxembourg, Malta, Mauritius, and Monaco.


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