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5 Family Offices Making Manufacturing Investments


As various sectors and industries continue to gain traction from family offices, the FINTRX family office data platform consistently offers insight into the investment patterns taking place within the alternative wealth space and private capital markets. In utilizing the FINTRX Buy-Side platform, which provides insight and analytics into thousands of direct deal transactions made by nearly 3,000 family offices worldwide, we uncover five family offices making manufacturing investments...

Indigo_South_Capital1. Indigo South Capital

Founded in the late 1990s, Indigo South Capital is a Jacksonville, FL-based multi-family office managing the wealth of the Geddes family. The firm's patriarch, Timothy J. Geddes, created his wealth through a career as COO of RingPower Corporation. In addition to his career with RingPower and the foundation of his family office, Geddes also served on the board of the Tampa Bay Museum of Art, Ronald McDonald House and The Bolles School. Today, Indigo South Capital invests across several asset classes including private equity, venture capital, direct investments and real estate. When making direct investments, the firm typically targets small to middle-market companies and seeks majority stake investments or total acquisitions. In July of 2020, Indigo South Capital directly invested in Chancey Metals, LLC, a leader in the manufacturing, real estate and construction industries, specializing in the fabrication and installation of metal stairway and railing systems. Geographically, the group primarily invests in the southeast United States with a focus on Florida. Given its private nature, Indigo South Capital generally takes a long term approach and employs patient capital when investing.

2. JMH Group

Established in 2002, JMH Group is a Dubai, United Arab Emirates-based single family office managing the wealth of James Hay and his family. Hay created his wealth through a series of entrepreneurial ventures and an extensive career in energy. After the founding of JMH Group in 2002, Hay acquired Fosroc, an international manufacturer of niche chemicals founded in the mid-1900s. Today, JMH Group invests in opportunities primarily throughout the private equity, direct investment and real estate spaces. Sectors of interest include chemicals, manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, luxury goods, leisure and lifestyle, fashion, firearms and more. In February of 2008, the firm directly invested in Kilgour, a men's apparel manufacturing company founded in 1880. JMH Group regularly invests in real estate projects throughout Europe and the Middle East.


3. Gruppo Bertoldi 

Founded in 2013, Gruppo Bertoldi is a Trento, Italy-based single family office serving as the investment vehicle for the Bertoldi family. The firm traces its roots back to the 1960s when the firm's patriarch Aldo Bertoldi formed a successful import/export business. The family's business dealings eventually fell into the hands of Aldo's grandsons, Gianluca and Giacomo Bertoldi. The Bertoldi brothers increased the family's interests through a series of private investments, most notably in the crowdfunding space. Primarily via direct investments, Gruppo Bertoldi allocates to a number of industries including manufacturing, technology, financial, real estate, financial technology, sports, fast food and more. In May of 2019, the firm directly invested in FrescoFrigo, a manufacturing company aimed at providing healthy food options via innovative technology. Geographically, the firm considers opportunities on a global scale, though their past investment history heavily favors investments made across Europe and has also made a number of investments in the United Kingdom. The group regularly looks to co-invest alongside other like-minded family offices and investment groups.


4. Heritage Growth Partners

Based in Atlanta, GA, Heritage Growth Partners is a single family office managing the wealth of an undisclosed family and acts as its direct investment arm. The firm actively seeks to make investments in various companies, allocating capital in a highly opportunistic manner, with few restrictions and flexible capital. Sectors and industries of interest include manufacturing, ethnic and specialty foods, repair services, maintenance services, training and education, specialty retail, consumer goods and more. In 2019, Heritage Growth Partners made not one, but three direct investments in electronic manufacturing companies. The first (made in January) was a direct investment in General Microcircuits, Inc., a global electronic manufacturing company. The second (made in October) was in SureTech, a unique software engineering company, and the third (in November) was in Adcotron EMS, Inc. , an Electronics Contract Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider in Boston, MA. Geographically, Heritage Growth Partners targets companies headquartered in the southeastern United States. 

Tillery_Capital5. Tillery Capital 

Tillery Capital is a Charlotte, NC-based multi-family office. Founded in 2006, Tillery is an operationally-oriented private investment firm seeking investments in lower-middle market companies. Tillery seeks to partner with management teams and makes equity investments and takes an active, board-level role in their portfolio companies. The firm's typical transaction types include recapitalizations, management buyouts, growth capital, industry consolidations, executive sponsors, corporate divestitures, management transitions and distressed situations. Tillery's investment criteria include companies with differentiated intellectual technology, independent brand names and international sales opportunities. The firm has interests in a diverse range of industries including manufacturing - and niche manufacturing - agriculture, commercial and industrial services, and numerous others. In January of 2018, Tillery made a direct investment in American Bio-Mineral Technologies, an agriculture manufacturing company with headquarters in Bakersfield, CA. The group targets companies in the United States, with a preference for those in the southeast or midwest states. Generally, the firm seeks one to two new investments each year. 

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