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Uncovering Commonalities to Drive Better Family Office Outreach

March 20, 2020

Today's technological advances makes finding commonalities in your family office network easier than ever before. Comprehensive family office data and research platforms such as FINTRX, make it possible to discover unique similarities that in turn, drive stronger, more efficient outreach processes. Sure, building relationships with these hidden entities often takes time, nuance, some sort of mutual acquaintance and a variety of other techniques to ensure effective engagement; However, this may be easier than you may think.  Below, we outlined a number of different methods to drive better outreach with these inconspicuous groups...

With an enormous amount of investable capital, family offices are looking for distinct ways to diversify their investment portfolios. This is great news to those looking to raise capital as it provides more opportunities to find, approach, or work alongside these private groups. Before all else, you must have a sound understanding of the intricacies of the space, as well as a clear idea of your needs, goals and purpose(s) for seeking a family office in the first place. This information proves to be advantageous because it helps to then align your interests and values to that of the offices themselves. 

FINTRX Affinity  - family office data connections

You can do this manually within your own network, or leverage technology and evolving algorithms with an offering like our FINTRX Affinity solution. Our data shows these commonalities & shared interest to be incredibly impactful and productive ways to spark meaningful conversations. Find and explore commonalities you share with the key decision makers of nearly 3,000 single and multi-family offices around the world. Discover similarities such as shared alumni roots, previous employment history, overlapping years at previous stops, boards or charities they may sit on, and even passions shared outside the office (such as golf, win, art, etc.). Using our savvy algorithms, FINTRX auto-updates your Affinity Score every night at midnight, thereby generating the most optimal matches for your outreach purposes every day. 

Have proactive, persistent & diverse outreach strategies in place.

It is critical to have established outreach strategies for finding and staying connected with those in the family office realm. From past experience, we found the most productive methods for ensuring effective engagement is to be proactive, persistent and diverse. Just as each family has its own system in place, family offices follow suit - by providing distinct services that match the specific needs of the individual(s) or families they serve. Because each office is distinct from one another, it makes finding and leveraging commonalities all the more valuable. Fortunately, we now live in an era with unlimited resources and progressive solutions that make finding common characteristics significantly easier. FINTRX, for example, offers up warm introductions and seamless CRM integrations for making further connections - on LinkedIn, for instance, which you can do directly from our product. This helps ensure amiable opportunities are never missed. 

Continuously work to build your network.

If you are looking to connect with family offices, the best place to begin is in your own backyard, as these will generally be the easiest to reach. Then use this as a base foundation to continue expanding your outreach efforts/family office network. But what if you do not know of any single or multi-family offices nearby? Remember...just because these groups are notoriously inconspicuous, doesn't mean they are inaccessible. It really comes down to your outreach strategies and your ability to continuously evolve with the industry. 

Actively manage & boost your reputation. 

Know what it is you stand for, and don't stop working to make it happen. The more engaged you are within the family office realm, the more appealing you will be to these private wealth managers. Through diligent, persistent, and savvy outreach techniques, you too will be able to cultivate strong ties with family offices worldwide. 

By providing continuously updated family office data, capital raising tools, and solutions, FINTRX continues to bring transparency to the family office ecosystem. If you are interested in learning additional information on our proprietary research, please click here.

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Written by: Renae Hatcher

Renae Hatcher is member of the marketing team at FINTRX - focused on delivering targeted & relevant family office content to our subscribers.

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