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Targeting Family Offices: A Consultative Prospecting Methodology


The family office landscape is amid a profound transformation brought upon by a new generation of investors whose attitudes and expectations have been shaped by modern advances, volatile markets, and unforeseen global realities. As many asset-raising professionals continue to engage with these private entities, it is important to recognize how these changing conditions may affect your outreach efforts. With this in mind, we have developed a guide on effectively targeting and prospecting into the family office market. 

Download 'Targeting Family Offices: A Consultative Prospecting Methodology'

Targeting Family Offices: A Consultative Prospecting Methodology

We hope you read it for yourself, share with a colleague, or use it as a tool for your team as we believe this in-depth guide to prospecting success in this ever-evolving family office landscape will refine your team's outreach methods.


What You Will Take Away:
  •           - Better understanding of the family offices and the alternative wealth landscape at large
              - Best practices for finding commonalities to humanize your outreach with family office investors
              - Prospecting strategies derived from our industry insights 
              - Tips to leveraging the history of family offices to find common ground
              - Creating a consultative approach to foster strong connections and long-term relationships with family offices

Amid economic uncertainty, it is important to reinforce the significance of good strategy, especially when identifying and connecting with those in the private wealth landscape. The FINTRX family office data and research platform is becoming smarter and broader at a rate faster than ever before. To showcase our growing plethora of data tools designed specifically for the asset-raising professional, we have rounded up '10 tips and tricks for Utilizing the FINTRX Family Office Platform' to the best of its ability. Click the link below to learn more. 


Download '10 Tips & Tricks for Utilizing the FINTRX Family Office Platform'

The utilization of our family office data and research platform has opened doors to the many investment trends that shape our global economy. Engineered to help our clients identify and access family office capital in an intuitive and efficient manner, FINTRX offers accurate family office research, built with a bottom-up approach.

For an in-depth exploration of the FINTRX family office platform, request a demo below.

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